Stones, herbs, books, and many others for divination

Stones, herbs, books, and many others for divination

hello guys! i dabble in several “areas” of witchcraft (a whole lot of my follow is basically primarily based in inexperienced magic, as i reside in a reasonably rural Appalachian space) however these days i have been particularly drawn to divination. i used to be questioning if anybody is aware of of sure instruments to assist support in divination, and what your favourite methods to follow are? like tarot, scrying, and many others. thanks 🙂

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  1. I like runes and oracle decks. Oracle decks are slightly different then tarot cards and are more the viewers interpretation then a set description like tarot.

  2. Tools to help aid: oils like lavender, sandalwood, cinnamon, and frankincense work well for divination or opening up your intuitive side. Crystals like amethyst, apatite, Celestine, fluorote, lapis lazuli, and spirit quartz are fairly popular for this as well (essentially holding them or keeping them on or near your body while divining). Mediation beforehand to relax your mind also helps.

    Favorite ways to practice for me: Oracle or tarot so far. I’ve tried using a pendulum but have difficulty with believing whether I’m getting “myself” or what I want to hear, but it works well for some.

  3. If you are after something used to develop your intuition and ability to read situations as they are happening, try a pendulum. In my experience, stone pendulums which connect with you work the best.

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