Storm Spells

Storm Spells

Hey! Since there’s torrential rains out and a twister watch, I figured I would see any spells which might be good for this and upcoming storms.

I am not making an attempt to trigger storms (already discovered not to do this from this neighborhood) however just about something associated to storms. May very well be curses, however I do not actually have any to do, like “inflicting a storm in ones life.” The rain is a blessing.

Let me know if you happen to’ve achieved any spells referring to storms or simply have concepts about it. Thanks 🙂

2 thoughts on “Storm Spells”

  1. >I’m not trying to cause storms (already learned not to do that from this community)

    What!? Why? Causing storms is one of my favorite past times.

    No spells in general specific to storms but I do use the boost in energy from said storms to power up magically.

  2. As a kid I learned an old folk magic trick for when a dangerous stir is coming your way. Grab a knife, doesn’t have to be special, head to your door or window and “cut” the clouds. You point the knife to the clouds and make the sign of a cross while telling it to disperse. Works for me, but I rarely do this since my area is prone to occasional droughts. The coolest part of this is checking the weather channel and seeing the storm on the radar around my town, but not over it. Granted storm fronts are irregularly shaped, but it’s cool nonetheless.

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