Struggling to acclimate myself to a brand new place.

Struggling to acclimate myself to a brand new place.

My boyfriend purchased a home lately. We lived collectively beforehand in his 1-bedroom residence. That complete time I longed for my very own area for witchy issues and for different private stuff. I fortunately practiced in the lounge of the small residence though hardly any of it was “mine.” The brand new home is considerably small, however after all it is a a lot larger improve in comparison with the cramped residence. There’s technically 2 bedrooms upstairs, however one will not be closed off, it’s open to the residing area and lobby, so my boyfriend determined to place the lounge within the open area “bed room” as an alternative, leaving our private areas within the basement. The basement is separated by a number of curtains that splits the 2 sides down the center. We every took a aspect. On condition that he paid for your entire place and I am under no circumstances financially accountable apart from paying him lease so to talk, I let him choose the place he wished the whole lot with little to no argument. The earlier house owners used one aspect of the basement as a front room and the opposite aspect was storage (the basement will not be completed, but it surely is not moist or something. It is completely superb to spend a number of hours at a time down there). He took the aspect that was beforehand the lounge, so it has good bamboo blinds on the wall and carpet rugs. It’s homey and good for an unfinished basement. My aspect of the basement could be very a lot the alternative. Naked, concrete block partitions, the ground is roofed by shitty non-carpet rugs, and the general really feel of my aspect of the basement is chilly and naked.

I am in a monetary pickle proper now, in order a lot as I might love to start out shopping for up a bunch of tapestries and curtains to assist the texture of the room, I can not. My boyfriend makes positive I eat, could make it to and from work, and my cat has litter and meals if I am unable to pay for these issues in between paychecks, however (understandably) he does not give me any sort of allowance for enjoyable issues. Which is ok as I might really feel hella bizarre if I used to be utilizing his cash for enjoyable or private gadgets.

I am simply struggling to observe in any respect proper now. I cleansed the basement and shortly I plan to cleanse your entire dwelling, however I can not even muster the vitality to carry out the spells and rituals I have been which means to do since my witchy area simply feels so boring and chilly. I may doubtlessly transfer these issues upstairs quickly for rituals and spells, however since issues are in a disarray from shifting, there’s not a lot room and truthfully it is not a lot of an enchancment from the basement.

I do know it should not matter that a lot, however I am very a lot an atmospheric-focused individual, and if my environment do not feel proper, then I can not really feel snug sufficient to observe the Craft. I am engaged on crunching some numbers/budgeting, and possibly I should purchase some cheap tapestries, curtains, or posters separately every paycheck. Till my area looks like, properly…*my* area, do any of you have got ideas? I really feel responsible that I have not carried out a lot moreover mild candles and incense right here and there. I attempted chatting with the deities final week, however I could not join in that area. Is there any method I can acclimate and discover a connection with out spending so much or any cash? I do know it takes work to get issues excellent, particularly after shedding virtually all of my prized possessions (issues that may make my area extra *mine*, together with some decorations) in a nasty breakup early final yr. Virtually all of the issues I’ve are issues with little which means to me since I misplaced a lot.

I simply really feel so unattached to my spirituality proper now.

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  1. For me I know it takes time until I feel like a space has my energy imbued in it and until then it’s downright uncomfortable.

    What I would recommend is to do some meditation and visualise your own energy filling the house and adapting the energy to you. Also if you have a yard you may want to make an offering to the land the house is built on and finally you may want to set a small shrine up for the house itself but that’s up to you

  2. You might check out a thrift store for inexpensive cloth. Unstained sheets in a solid darker color or interesting pattern might help cover the concrete walls. Changing the lighting from overhead bulbs to lamps will also make a difference.

    Do you like doing yoga or dancing? Since it’s a big space, you might try filling it with movement and music at first.

  3. theres a website conjurings of a witch that has very affordable goodies! Also, I have found tapestries on ebay for as low as $5! The only downside to ebay is that they are from india or china and you have to wait a month for it to arrive in your mailbox. Sometimes you can find good stuff locally on the LetGo app and perhaps talk people down in price. And of course like someone else had said, thrift stores are the best place for all sorts of amazing decor!

  4. Hey OP,

    This answer isn’t specifically about your craft so feel free to disregard if I’m overstepping, but… I’m sort of struck by some of the things you write about you and your boyfriend’s arrangement. I get that it’s “his” house and that he’s putting the majority of the money into the place, but by the time you’re living with someone, I believe that it has to feel like your home too. It wouldn’t work for me if my partner had complete control over the arrangement of our living space and I had to make do with whatever is left over. It definitely wouldn’t work for me for my practice to be relegated to a cold, dark, unfinished concrete basement while my partner chilled in a nice cozy room. I would also have a hard time feeling spiritually awake in such circumstances. Would it be worth considering whether the malaise you feel might have something to do with not feeling at home in your own home? Can you talk with your partner about creating a different practice space? Would he be amenable to finding a solution if you told him that this wasn’t working for you?

    As a practical suggestion, I have my alter set up on a wooden serving tray on top of a bookcase; if I ever need to move it in case of nosy family or friends, or if I want to work with it in a different part of my home, I can. Maybe you could do something similar and keep it upstairs, and move it when need be. I’ve also found that for me, one of the most important elements to creating atmosphere is light. Sometimes you can find Himalayan salt lamps for not too much money, like $20 – they create a beautiful warm pink glow that would definitely warm up your downstairs space, and they have the added benefit of cleansing the space as well, if you’re feeling like your energy is too low to do a cleanse yourself.

    Anyway – sorry again if this is overstepping! Moving is always hard and always feels uncomfortable and not quite like home until one day it does. Good luck settling in and I hope you feel reconnected to your spirituality soon!

  5. You don’t have to do this stuff. You talk about guilt, you’re procrastinating…if you were really supposed to be doing this, you wouldn’t have any hesitation. Sounds like it’s more of a burden than anything

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