Studying record?

Studying record?

Hi there! Im in search of some studying i ought to begin with as a really newbie to the craft. Im very fascinated with studying as a lot as attainable, so something i ought to begin with is welcome. I additionally dont have a lot cash so if there’s any on-line variations of books i can learn without spending a dime that may be superb as nicely’!

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  1. Chris penczak’s inner temple of witchcraft. It’s a good book to start with and easy to branch off into other readings from. You can buy third party on Amazon to save money and I think it may come in ebook form as well. Scott Cunningham books are always pretty good for learning a good base as well, and again you should have no problem branching into other readings. Both of these have several books that I recommend you check out, you can find a couple of them in the library, but I do suggest you get them for your own at some point for your library.

  2. I wrote a blog post for beginners. It’s in two parts. Part 1 and 2 both have some links and ideas for different books to look into for various paths, not just Wicca.

    I have found lots of these as free .pdf versions, but if you have Amazon or a Kindle, there are a bunch of magick Kindle books for free or for ) $0.99. I have a range of books listed from theory to spells. At some point, I will make a “Reading List” page, but between these and the other suggestions people have left, you should have a good place to start.

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