Suggestions for a brand new witch’s first lunar eclipse?

Suggestions for a brand new witch’s first lunar eclipse?

Hey! So I’m a brand new witch and was questioning if anybody had any ideas or concepts for issues I might do subsequent week throughout the lunar eclipse? I plan on doing quite a lot of meditating and was wanting into presumably creating moon water, would it not have totally different properties than other forms of moon water? I’m very appreciative for any assist and knowledge.
As a aspect notice, I stay with a really skeptical roommate whom wouldn’t be comfortable with figuring out what I’m doing and I’m a poor school pupil so I do have some limitations.

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  1. As for your roommate, who cares? It’s your life, it’s your path, it’s your craft — you aren’t on this planet to impress that person.

    As for the lunar eclipse, putting out gems to charge them would be a really good thing to do.

    … hope I don’t forget >.< lol

  2. As nation543 stated, please don’t care about your roommate. You respect their beliefs so they should respect yours. As long as you are not hurting her/him, tell them to mind their own business kindly. And yes you can make moon water, and put out gems/stones to charge. You can actually use the moon to not only charge but to ‘cleanse’ or ‘reenergize’ things. You can put any new tools you have out to charge under the moon (or the sun too!) You can put out new altar items, herbs, candles, anything out to gather to moon’s energy. You can also charge more than just water. You can make moon oil or moon wine too. Heck sometimes I like to just go stand out in the quiet of the night under the light of the full moon for a few minutes (and you can speak to a god/dess, the moon itself, or recite a chant/spell) as a sort of ritual. You can also use that time to perform certain spells or rituals.
    I keep a big jar of selenite & dragon’s blood oil on a windowsill in my kitchen so the moon and the sun hit it for just a bit each night/day to add to it’s strength and power as I use it both personally and sell it in my online store. Really you can do whatever you want!

  3. I guess I’d do two things; ask the moon to bless my athame and scribe and…..

    bring my binoculars. It’s spectacular to see the moon not as a silver disk, but a three dimensional rock in the sky.

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