Tarot and Animal Spirit playing cards

Tarot and Animal Spirit playing cards

I’m fully devastated. My sibling, who stopped taking medication and is now a hardcore Christian, threw out my tarot and animal spirit playing cards, and my crystals. I had such a tremendous reference to my decks and I do not know if can buy new decks or simply wait.

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  1. I’d wait for a few days at least, until you can shop in a rational state of mind rather than with his horrible deed clouding your judgement.

    Personally I’d be tempted to throw out his crucifix and bible, but on a rational level I know that it wouldn’t help.

  2. What a horrible lack of boundaries your sibling has!

    First things first, have a conversation with said sibling about your personal property and “thou shall not steal”, because taking your property is stealing. Commandments trump anything in Leviticus. And boundaries. It is not only their life and you are not a mere character for them to act out their little morality play upon.

    Your sibling should also reimburse you the cost, but I highly doubt you will get them to, since they are so righteous in their own eyes. Can you talk to your parents about this aspect? Or do they not know you have tarot cards?

    I would honestly start out with purchasing a new deck that you’ve had your eyes on that you were not previously connected with and making a new connection. Sometimes trying to reconnect with a replacement is hard. Think of it like having pet, losing it, and then all of a sudden someone hands you a pet that looks, but does not act like the old one can make things worse. And keep the receipt. Keep all the receipts. One day your sibling may not be a Christian, then hit them for the cost then. Those decks are NOT cheap.

    And get a locked box, preferably one you can chain to a bed frame that they can’t use. They may still throw out a safe if they have gone the route of being so falsely pious that anything’s fair game as a means to an end.

    I don’t hate Christians, but holy shit I hate that Born-Again mentality that some people take on where anything done in the name of God is acceptable if they think they’re doing things correctly, and everything they ever did was instantly forgiven. Psychologically that’s an excuse for some seriously toxic behavior in some people. I know Born-Agains who are just fine, fantastic people who embody the best that their religion has to offer. Then there’s other people I’ve encountered for whom it’s an excuse to get their way or otherwise justify their actions that may not be socially acceptable in any normal situation.

    Mostly though it sounds like your sibling might benefit from a psychotherapist. Drugs and then an immediate switch to hard core Christianity is a sign something is seriously wrong.

  3. Do you have enough funds to buy a cheap safe from Walmart? To cool off right now, I would start by purchasing one of those. Then once you find your new deck store it in the safe!

  4. My mom always said that tarot cards should be given/gifted to you. Maybe have a friend/family member buy you a new deck for an early Christmas gift? Hey, or maybe your sibling? There are lots of angel cards to choose from.
    Discuss this with your sibling too. Talk to them that what they did was wrong, and that respect of all beliefs is what Jesus preached. If you too are to have a relationship, you need to understand and tolerate both sides.
    I’m just looking at their point of view, but I’m sure right now they are gungo-ho and excited for their faith. And they probably have a negative influence telling them that this course of action is okay. But don’t worry, with you as a supporting family member, they will mature and probably feel like an idiot later in life for the way they acted.

  5. After you get new stuff lock it up and ward it. Ward it hard. And ward it good. Once my brother told me he had gone through my BOS and I told him “good luck with that.” When he asked what I meant I told him it was warded and to expect retribution. Two days later he came to me and asked “what did you do to me?!” He began breaking out all over so bad he was gonna schedule a doctor’s appointment to be looked at. I told him it wasn’t me more of an alarm on my alter and book. He doesn’t do it anymore.

  6. I would definitely say wait as well, and invest in a lock box you can keep in a good hiding spot. If you’re comfortable doing so, a cloaking sigil taped to the inside lid may help as well, or at least to dissuade anyone who has ill intent towards the contents.

  7. I’m so sorry that happened to you! I would also be upset ):

    Part of me says be petty and get him back. But the rational side of me says take the higher road and invest in a good lock box. Either way I hope you can recover what you had 💕

  8. does he goes to AA? I’m asking because my ex was a drug addict in recovery and he went to AA (he had no beliefs or religion) and he would tell me that my witchcraft was bullshit and scared him

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