Tarot Playing cards advise?

Tarot Playing cards advise?

I am trying to purchase my first tarot playing cards. Tremendous excited however somewhat misplaced. Anybody suggestions of tarot playing cards I should purchase and what books to learn for understanding what they imply?

Thanks 😊

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  1. There are SO MANY beautiful decks out there!!

    As far as choosing a deck… my friend chose her deck by going into shops and seeing if she felt any sort of connection with one. She ended up with the Phantasmagoric Theatre deck and her readings are SO ACCURATE. She has such a connection with her deck. When we went searching together we had been to so many shops and none of them seemed right, until she spotted that one and she just knew it was hers.
    But you don’t really have to be so particular like she was. If you cleanse your deck and use it often, you’ll gain a rapport with it. I love choosing mine by looks.

    [The Wild Unknown Deck](https://www.thewildunknown.com) is one of my faves.

    [The Pythia Botanical Oracle Deck](https://leilaolive.com/products/pythia-botanica-oracle-deck) is a beauty.

    And I love [both of these](https://www.blackandthemoon.com/collections/all)

  2. Post-Tarot card buying, I think you should learn to build a relationship with your deck. I carry mine in my purse sometimes, just casually shuffle them while I’m thinking of something else, I keep them near where I sleep. Take them on dates, like on a Saturday morning go to a coffee shop and pull cards. I have never cleansed my deck, but you could. You might want to wrap them in silk too, because silk is a protective fabric, and wards off bad energies.

    Basically: pamper your deck and make them feel loved, and you will develop a close relationship with them. You will achieve more accurate readings, and learn a lot about card reading in the first place.

  3. I really like the book Tarot 101 by Kim Huggens, which is structured for you to do chronologically, like a lesson plan, but isn’t as rigid/prescriptive in interpretations/reading style as some others I’ve looked at. It’s probably simplest to start with the classic Rider-Waite deck, which you can get on Amazon for like $10

  4. Doreen Virture’s Angel tarot card deck is pretty good because it has the meanings of the cards on it and it’s a bit more like oracle cards. It’s also good because unlike some of her other decks, You can still use it even if you don’t believe in angels. I also like the rider-waite deck, It’s good if you want to try and interpret the cards.

  5. You should probably start with a Rider Waite based tarot deck. The Rider-Wait tarot deck is the “original” tarot deck, in the sense that most modern decks are based off of it. Personally, I hate the original Rider-Waite deck art style, but the actual system of the deck is great.
    The Gilded Tarot was my first deck and its one of my favorites. It uses the same system as Rider-Waite decks. It’s extremely easy to learn with and its still my main deck.
    The Ultimate Guide to Tarot by Liz Dean is a great book for anyone. It has really in depth meanings on each card for different scenarios, its full of spreads, it’s a great book.
    Galaxy Tarot is a good app, I feel like it doesn’t work as well as physical cards sometimes but it’s great considering its free. It also has the meaning of each card so it’s good when you can’t carry a book around.

  6. Lots of people start with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck because it’s kind of a standard. I have the mini-deck version and I love it. But really, find a deck that calls to you. I started with the Dragon Tarot because I loved it. As for books, Biddy Tarot just came out with a book that I want to get my hands on, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Meanings. I would recommend that one even though I haven’t read it yet just because, Biddy Tarot. Book: https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Guide-Tarot-Card-Meanings/dp/1542993407/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1493996370&sr=8-1&keywords=biddy+tarot

    I have a few blog articles here that have other books and other decks so you can get an idea of what’s out there and some tips.

    This one is more about the toast, but if you like mermaids, I show my Mermaid Tarot: http://theravenandthelotus.com/mermaid-toast-and-tarot

    Hope this helps!

  7. Personally, my favorite deck has always been the [Thoth](http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/aleister-crowley-thoth/), with [this book](https://www.amazon.com/Tarot-Handbook-Practical-Applications-Ancient/dp/0874778956) as a reference. Arrien uses an intuitive approach to the Thoth deck that leaves behind Crowley’s ego and mysticism/showmanship (as well as the general “ick” factor). I’m not a fan of Crowley himself, but he helped design what I consider to be the ultimate tarot deck.

    I also found the original Mythic Tarot to be especially helpful for understanding the minor arcana. The Rider deck was probably the least favorite deck, in art and understanding… I find some of the drawings counter-intuitive (especially the wands), and the imagery isn’t very rich. But is is a useful foundation.

    I recommend finding a store where you can handle sample decks, one of them might stand out to you.

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