The 2 sorts of spells you will discover on witch blogs

The 2 sorts of spells you will discover on witch blogs

1. “Discover a random rock outdoors. Would not matter which one, simply seize one. Get a Sharpie and draw a circle on it. If you do not have a Sharpie, any form of marker will do. Or nail polish. Possibly attempt a pencil. You do you. Repeat the phrase ‘yo spirits do what I need’ 3 times. Now, throw it right into a river. If you do not have a river, the bathe will do.”

2. “This spell can solely be solid below a full moon within the first half of September at exactly 5:16 AM. Take a fist sized clear quartz, three rubies, and no less than two lapis lazuli (however extra is healthier) and put them in a circle on the stump of an elm tree in a clearing in a deciduous forest. Gentle three beeswax candles — ideally home made — and put them within the west, east, and north of your stump. Now, make a potion with frankincense, contemporary lilac, the blood of a thirty 12 months outdated virgin (attempt your native convent!) and the toenail of a lifeless saint which you boil over an everlasting flame for at least twelve and not more than fifteen minutes. After you douse your self within the potion, mild a candle hand-sculpted to resemble the god Pan and repeat an incantation you wrote in iambic pentameter. Shut the circle.”

(that is largely a joke, however I can not be the one one who spends an excessive amount of time taking a look at spells on-line lol)

12 thoughts on “The 2 sorts of spells you will discover on witch blogs”

  1. Me doing spell number two: uhhh, it’s March and I don’t have any of this. I’m going to go outside, grab a rock, draw a sloppy circle on it and then light a candle? oooOOooOOOO I’m doing it!

  2. Hahahaha! I think I fall more into the first category. When I publish spells, I try to give options for materials. I have definitely written spells where you write on toilet paper and flush it down the toilet.

  3. lol, I find this is all too common. Spells that are mostly a minimalist “do what feels right within these loosest-of-guidelines” and spells that are so archaic and complex in the layering of their actions and symbols that there is NO hope of adaptation…

    This is why I think we need more books and blogs that explore the ‘why’ of ritual actions and magickal symbolism. Being able to dissect and understand a spell in many ways is more vital than being able to cast it once you get to a point in your practice where you want to start writing your own.

  4. Your post made me smile. Though I don’t look up spells online, I can see where you’re coming from. It’s usually hard to find those golden spells that are simple, yet beautifully set-up.

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