The place to begin with Witchcraft?

The place to begin with Witchcraft?

What are the really useful scriptures and grimoires?

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  1. This is a loaded question. What kind of Witchcraft are you interested in? Are you interested in Traditional Witchcraft, folk magic, Wicca? Remember, Wicca is a religion and not a practice. There is no “scriptures” for the Craft, but here are some good starting points;
    -[Sarah Anne Lawless’s Blog] (, any book by Gemma Gary, but especially *The Devil’s Dozen*, *Traditional Witchcraft*, and *The Black Toad*, *Under the Witching Tree* and *Plants of the Devil* by Corrine Boyer, *Popular Magic* by Owen Davies and *Cunning-Folk and Familiar Spirits* by Emma Wilby are more anthropological in nature but still helpful, *Mastering Witchcraft* by Paul Huson, *A Deed Without A Name* by Lee Morgan, basically any book by Robin Artisson,and read up on different forms of Traditional Witchcraft here and do some studying for yourself. [This is an introductory article about Traditional Witchcraft](

  2. I started (almost 20 years ago haha) with Teen Witch by Silver RavenWolf. I also really enjoyed her book Hedgewitch if you are into that. I would recommend Raymond Buckland’s “Big Blue” as a general overview and I like Scott Cunningham a lot but it kind of depends on what you are looking for, he is much less ceremonial and more natural/ folk magic (Earth Power and The Magical Household are two of my favs).

  3. I’m also entering into this completely new, but I looked around here, found topics that interested me, found what books people recommended for these topics, and bought them (you could just borrow them from libraries). If your not sure what you’re looking for at first (which I wasn’t either), maybe check out the Book Club that was established on the subreddit. The Witches Bible is a very well written introduction into Wiccan practices, The Flame In the Cauldron is a good overview of “old-style” Witchery, and illustrates it through a base of multiple religions, but may be a bit hard of a read based on the reader, but the information in it seems wonderful.

    Everyone says read read read and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, and would definitely recommend from my short experience. Witchcraft is not one specific document or collection of books, like in Christianity, but a basis of personally held beliefs implemented in the ways that best call to the individual witch. Don’t intimidate yourself by thinking “What if this book is too advanced for me?”, because a lot of books will break it down for everyone to understand, and build on what they taught you.

    Both books mentioned above can be simply picked up with little to no background knowledge, and be used as a basis to begin your journey. Some people on here may recommend to read or stay away from certain authors, but when in doubt, simply pull up the subreddit on your phone and search the authors name or book name to get an opinion on what people in the community feel about the representation and teachings taught within it. If you have a local occult shop (I think that’s how they refer to them here), the people inside could help point you to starting materials and readings based on what you tell them.

    Another point to be made is meditation. That’s where every book/article/website/etc. tells you to start. Each will have a different approach, but most often the first step is to be able to “clear” your head, and be able to live and breath in the moment.

    If you have any questions about anything you come across, I’ve found almost all of my questions have already been answered by past users and are a simple subreddit search away. I’m sorry this was so long, but also take what I’m saying with a grain of salt, as I am also just learning about all of this and beginning to try to understand witchcraft from different perspectives.

  4. First research the different types of witchcraft practices and get a good idea of what ones you are drawn to the most. Then research those ones further. Look at their history, the rituals commonly used, if they have any set moral codes, etc. Once you find the one that you feel fits you best, all that’s left to do is practice. Start small, getting to know the basics and work your way up as you learn new things.

    Edit: I realized after posting that you were asking for reading material and not starting advice. Like another person said, that would depend on what type of witchcraft you are looking for reading material for?

  5. First just take some time to figure out a few things that interest you. Are you interested in witchcraft that mayve been practiced by your ancestors? What is your heritage/geographical area? Maybe that interests you. What things stick out to you as strong points of interest? Is it crystals, herbs, trees, animals, more mystic creatures such as faeries, dwarves, or even dragons? Are you a firm believer in doing no type of harm (such as in Wicca) or are you more of the belief that there needs to be balance between light and dark? (I believe that there absolutely needs to be balance, though you shouldn’t go trying to hurt people). Would you like to be more involved in group practice with a coven or do you think you’d prefer to be a more solitary practitioner? Are there any names of gods or goddesses off the top of your head that stand out as interesting to you? I know it can be daunting, there are so many ways to walk this path. I came from a christian background and it was so confusing at first because my christian background told you who to worship, how to worship, what to believe, what to do and not do…there was no room for freethinking like there is in witchcraft.

    Maybe if you can answer some of those questions for us we can point you out to some different type of practices that may be of interest to you. You’ll find lots of us like to help here. Sorry it was so long, just trying to give you some points to start this long but wonderfully rewarding journey.
    Oh and fyi I didn’t follow one particular path for years…I just studied and took what I liked from different practices and used it in my life/spellwork. The blanket term for that is basically an ecclectic witch.

  6. Start with yourself. See what you,yourself,are interested in. What appeals to you the most?
    Herbs? Tarot? Chaos magic?

    Witchcraft is very personal and it all starts from within you. Also,i recommend you write your own Grimoires and scriptures. Sort of like a Journal for your spells. Write down all of your experiences with spells and such. Like writing dreams in a dream journal 😉

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