The place to purchase candles?

The place to purchase candles?

Silly sounding query, I do know. I’ve not too long ago turn out to be vegan and I’d like to modify to non-beeswax candles however am struggling to search out any that aren’t the extremely scented, in a pot sort. Any concepts?

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  1. Consider for a moment that purchasing bee’s wax products from bee-centric bee keepers is much more environmentally conscious than soy products and paraffin candles.

    The soy industry is a large scale agricultural nightmare, responsible for all sorts of deforestation and displacement of indigenous farmers (both animals and people suffer from the use of soy, not to mention the environmental nightmare associated with turning soy beans into candle wax). Paraffin is much the same, it is a product made from oil (and the same problems that exist in the soy industry are ten fold in the oil industry).

    Though bee’s wax is an animal byproduct, and over-harvesting can lead to miss treatment and death of bees. Beekeepers which put the need of their bees before the need of the customers, actually have been largely responsible for protection of bees as a species. The work of beekeepers is essential to offset the damage of soy and oil production, which uses many chemicals that cause bee colony collapse. Beekeepers need to plant flowers or maintain pesticide free fields of wildflowers.

    As a consumer look for bee-centric beekeepers, get to know them, and use small batch local products that help promote the health of bees.

  2. I have googled it 😆 I only came up with some quite expensive ones on Etsy. BUT I hadn’t clicked that cheaper (ie supermarket) would be non-beeswax, so thank you!

  3. Most supermarkets sell them. So does Flying Tiger. Most cheap candles will be made of parafin wax, or you can find soy candles online. Or make your own! (Though container candles are easier, so it’d take some practice before you could make taper candles.)

    There are vegans who consider beeswax and honey to be totally fine, because it’s largely humane and removing it from hives is an important step in preventing disease in the hives. Just in case you weren’t aware.

  4. Idk where you live but you can but some dirt-cheap candles at places like Walmart. And also at hardware stores and stuff you can find ’emergency candles’ which aren’t beeswax typically. Most of these are not in pots/jars though. Remember too that you can make your own candles easily, just look online and you can recycle old candle jars your friends/family have so that would help with cost if that’s an issue.

  5. I buy beeswax from local apiaries and make my own candles. It’s very easy to do and very rewarding. I recently made a contraption to pour and mold pillar candles but you don’t have to get that much into it.

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