Therapeutic query, whole beginner

Therapeutic query, whole beginner

Okay so I am a newbie however I am thinking about therapeutic. Principally I tried a rudimentary type of lengthy distance therapeutic for my uncle who was having life figuring out surgical procedure, and I assumed it went fairly effectively. I might really feel power leaving me and afterwards, I heard he made a miraculous restoration.

After this, I instantly felt fully drained and slept for an insane period of time. Once I awoke, I felt weak and was fairly sick, and it took a couple of days to get get better.

Earlier right now, I felt a dramatic quantity of power spontaneously return to me, and on the identical time I heard that he had one way or the other developed a lethal an infection, was positioned within the ICU, and the household was going to tug the plug in 24 hours.

What ought to I make of this example? Is any of this my fault? And is there something I can do to assist him? I am an excessive newbie so if there are any good assets on studying about therapeutic that may be very useful. They will pull the plug in round 11 hours on the time I am scripting this publish.

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  1. As far as feeling sick, you likely overtaxed your body with the spell-they are connected after all. This can happen when you send large amounts of energy without preparation and even if you have prepped.

    I would suggest looking into some form of energy healing system or energy work to teach you what you want to know and moderate the amount of energy you put into anything.

    Most importantly, it isn’t your fault that things turned out this way, and my condolences to you and your family. Sometimes, a situation just works out how it does and accepting it is the only action you can take. Again, sorry for your loss and this may not mean much, but I’ll definitely make it a point to burn incense for your uncle’s passage to the next part of his journey today.

  2. In reiki we used the energy from the earth and project that out with the reiki in order to not be as drained. Using the energy from the earth or through the God and Goddess you will be able to save your own energy a bit. Also learn to ground and take back some energy for your self or maybe put back some that has been brought up and not needed. I use visualization to do this.

  3. You say you performed a “rudimentary” form of healing. Care to elaborate a little on that? Was it through ritual, Reiki, some other healing modality? I ask because with Reiki, at least, practitioners channel our energy from “spirit”, which is supposed to be an unlimited source of energy that does not use the channelers own energy-> thus no wear and tear on the body. In your case, it sounds more like a ritual of some sort.

    Either way, I’m sorry that’s happened to you and your family. Sometimes these things happen, and there’s no one to blame. Regardless of if you sent that energy to him. Something you could do is simply “cut the cords” with him if you will (spiritually of course, so your energies are less entwined), and you can resend the healing energy to him after centering yourself in hopes that it aids him. Essentially, wishing him well.

    Edit: just noticed you posted this a bit ago. Hope your uncle is doing ok, and if not best wishes to you and your family!

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