16 thoughts on “This e-book look acquainted to anyone?”

  1. Uncle Bucky’s Big Blue Book of Wicca!

    That was around when little else was around. Now it seems redundant and quaint, but it was nice to have around in the early days.

  2. Man. I had this book, took notes, highlighted….I was living with a friend and her parents at the time. Left for work one day, came home, and it was gone. I really wish I could have finished it. Been meaning to get another copy just to have around.

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  3. Other than that’s a much newer edition than my 25+ year old copy, yeah. Buckland caught lots of flack over it back in the day, and although there are no earth-shattering secrets revealed in it, it’s not a bad beginner book. On my list of suggested Wiccan books it’s in the top 10.

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