Tremendous Blue Eclipse!

Tremendous Blue Eclipse!

What’s everybody doing for this amaizing moon coming subsequent week? I have been considering positively a shower, crystal charging, perhaps a particular dinner.. however I am feeling like I ought to take extra benefit of the additional umph ! Would love to listen to what y’alls plans are perhaps get some inspiration!

7 thoughts on “Tremendous Blue Eclipse!”

  1. Bathing in the river in the park in my town. Then I plan on revisiting that same river on Imbolc the next day 🙂 It’s my favorite place to be when Spring and Summer are around, so it’ll be very special and magical for me!

  2. I am fasting, taking a bath and then doing a ritual and hopefully taking a walk outside if the weather is ok (been storming a lot lately). I have a rune necklace for protection I might try to center in the ritual? Totally new to all of this so any advice is welcome.

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