Unconventional(?) Strategies

Unconventional(?) Strategies

Howdy!~ I am new at this subreddit… and simply out of curiosity, I am questioning what do a few of you guys try this’s totally different from what’s often achieved historically.

Like say (what I do):

-Utilizing emoticons in chat as seals or vessels to ship power or different issues by way of the web

-Utilizing glyphs from a cellular sport for recommendation as a substitute of the standard Nordic runes (When you’re curious, search: ‘Ingress Glyphs’)

-Some media I learn, pay attention, or watch typically offers me recommendation on the proper timing. (like typically the most recent replace of some on-line comics coincidentally deeply displays my state of affairs up to now, current, or future)

-Utilizing crafting (often origami) to talk with spirits(?)

Recommendation can also be welcome. o wo/~

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  1. I’m a Snap magic user, It’s all intention based and can take the power of a ritual into a snap of my fingers. Since I spent my childhood working with angels this is most likely where the magic system came from, Lucifel (father of Lucifer, Leviathan, and Satan) was the pioneer of this magic. I’m sure the majority of what I do is unconventional, but that’s the main part for me

  2. I’ve started to experiment recently with emoji, so the first item you listed off really resonates with me. When I started out, it did feel odd, but why should it — a lot of spells comprise a written component, after all, and some in different languages or alphabets as pertains the tradition.

    That helped me out getting comfortable with it. And hey, if all else fails, some good old advice:

    *”If it’s stupid and it works… it ain’t stupid.* ๐Ÿ˜‰

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