Undoubtedly Receiving Indicators, Feeling Very Humbled And A Query

Undoubtedly Receiving Indicators, Feeling Very Humbled And A Query

I have been slowly venturing into Wicca and witchcraft; taking my time to get to know nature, the god and goddess and rising myself in it. I am solitary as my work schedule will not enable me to hitch a coven.

Just lately I’ve felt able to construct my altar however cash is tight and I made a decision that i’d belief within the deities to grant me issues I wanted. This is how issues have transpired.

I received a $50 Amazon reward card which I plan to make use of to purchase a few of the gadgets I want.

My husband and I took our daughters gem mining the opposite day and scored a pleasant dimension amethyst geode together with different crystals I have been eyeing for some time.

At the moment, whereas strolling by the farmers market a gentleman at his craft sales space mentioned that he had one thing for me and gave me a small profile token of a lovely girl with flowers in her hair (I intend on utilizing her to characterize the goddess) and later a girl bought me a set of picket bowls for proper at what I had in my pocket, I solely wanted one however she gave me all eight, I wish to use these for incense burnings and choices.

I discovered some copper wire I did not know I needed to aspect myself a wand.

It has been very humbling and transferring that the universe is granting me issues that I want and I really feel so extremely humbled by it.

The few issues I’ve in my Amazon cart although is the place I’ve the questions:
I presently have some candles, incense, smudges, a cauldron, a picket chalice, a bone dealt with knife, a pentagram, some herbs, a Tibetan bell, an altar material. I really feel like these are the fundamentals however am I lacking something?

Any recommendation is welcome.


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  1. Here’s the thing which you probably already know – there is no right or wrong way to altar. What needs to be on it is what you feel needs to be on it. It can also change and morph over time, so you don’t need to worry about having all your ducks in a row from the get go. Decor and fluffy additives, all those things can come later. Even some “essential” pieces can find their way on – or off – the table at later times. Focus on creating something representative of *your* path, because that’s ultimately what an altar is for. It’s a dedicated space for ritual, for your spirituality, for your practice, so it should be intimately personalized to what you believe and what resonates with you, rather than being something that is designed to adhere to a standard set by someone else, or whatever the case may be.

    That said, although I’m not wiccan, I know it’s pretty common for wiccans to also represent the elements on their altars, so if you feel that’s something you’d like to do, you could try to find various ways to represent the five elements on your altar as well. A seashell, a tree branch, some ash, a feather, crystals, whatever tickles your fancy. But again, emphasizing, make it your own thing, don’t worry about “doing it right” or whatever.

  2. Personally I feel like objects that are found and slowly acquired have greater personal significance than a set of objects purchased on Amazon. I wouldn’t rush out to buy the full set of “altar decorations,” I would use household or handmade objects until I found something that really spoke to me.

    If you’re interested in British traditional Wicca, you might find better advice about the perfect traditional altar tools at /r/Wicca. But for witchcraft – you don’t “need” a complete set of objects that are dedicated to ritual use. You can use household objects for spell work. I’d only buy things that you can’t make, like candles. Maybe incense, if you like using that. Herbs… Plant live plants instead of dried herbs, it’s much more economical.

    > am I missing anything?

    Books are nice. Maybe a special notebook for a book of shadows?

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