Unintentional Spell?

Unintentional Spell?

There was a sure occurring in my life which is especially uncommon (and that works out closely in my favor) and I used to be questioning if it is potential to by chance solid a spell? Since when it boils right down to it, spells are primarily powered by their intent, I determine that is a chance, proper?

2 thoughts on “Unintentional Spell?”

  1. Sure, I kind of subscribe to the Brian Pulido notion of “desire equals power.” It’s from a Lady Death comic, but hey I think it’s true. Also i’ve heard that some people tend to ward/bind their own thoughts to prevent them “escaping” and causing trouble. It’s like the saying what energy you put out is what you get back, but with the added caution that not everything we do or say or think is intentional. Our own subconscious can and will affect your life, your world, and your reality.

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