Universe sending combined messages?

Universe sending combined messages?

So I’m curious if anybody else has had an analogous state of affairs to this & what you’d do on this state of affairs. Let me know what you assume all this implies, I’m fascinated by what you all assume! 🙂

Here is the state of affairs:
So my finacé and I’ve been wanting to maneuver to a pleasant space in an condominium that permits pets since we need to undertake a cat. We determined to create a imaginative and prescient board collectively utilizing affirmation & regulation of attraction to draw what we’re searching for. Not even every week later our greatest good friend informs us of a spot opening up in her complicated (which for an condominium meets almost all our necessities). Then a member of the family tells me (the day earlier than we go to view the place) her good friend is trying to give a kitten to us in order that it has a great dwelling, so loopy! Even cooler is once we went to the place there was a big lavender bush rising in entrance of the door to the obtainable unit, lavender is a plant I’ve a really deep connection to & it is unusual in native areas like this so I used to be shocked. Much more shocked when the owner’s child had the identical identify as my lavender plant at dwelling. So I took all this because the universe saying “right here it’s, right here is that manifestation” All appears cool however then I do some tarot and rune readings a pair days later. (I’ve been doing tarot all my life & it at all times does wonders for me, like a no-fail learn) The playing cards are saying it is best to attend it out in our previous place longer, that this new place is simply going to trigger a damaging end result. It is like if we wait it out one thing I can not foresee, one thing higher, will come alongside.

It is odd, I’ve by no means had this occur earlier than, have you ever? What do you assume? It appeared like all the pieces the universe was throwing at me was like “that is it so take notice!” whereas the playing cards say “wait it out longer, this is not the correct time”.

5 thoughts on “Universe sending combined messages?”

  1. That’s a lot of synchronicity all at once vs. the reading. I see why you’re conflicted here because it’s really strange to have the two be at such odds. Hrm. Here’s what I’d do in this situation: I’d do whatever the hell I wanted to. Whatever felt right in my heart. I’d absolutely ignore everything up to that point, forget that divination or magick exists at all, and just act like a normal muggle. Muggles have to make decisions like whether to move or not all the time, and they do so without any help from the powers that be! I’d just pretend to be one of them and go for whichever one I wanted. I hope that helps. I realize that’s not full of substance or anything, but it’s advice from the heart. <3

  2. Just because you have never had a bad reading doesn’t mean the cards are revealing everything to you just yet. Perhaps they are asking you to wait because the rent price may go down. Perhaps one of your other neighbors is shitty and would cause you all negativity. How often do you use your cards? Have you “talked” with your cards for fun instead of just for reading?

  3. In my opinion, neither option would be “wrong” or “right”. What matters is what your belief is going forward. I’ve been doing tarot cards for just a little while and they have pretty much never been wrong.
    I will always advocate for allowing your feelings to guide you. Yes all of the synchronicity were a manifestation of your feelings, but so were the tarot cards. Have you thought about how things could be even better than you thought since your reading?
    If I were in this position, I feel like if I just ignored the tarot, I would then be in denial that it could be even better than I had imagined. But that’s just my opinion.

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