utilizing crystals

utilizing crystals

can anybody give me some common concepts on the right way to work with crystals? recommendation on particularly utilizing them for chakras is way appreciated, however I’m completely open to listening to about extra methods to make use of them. thanks!

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  1. Hi there! So as quite the crystal loving witch, the way I started was I grabbed a few books on crystals and grabbed a few crystals people suggested and went to work. The best place to start in my opinion is to grab some clear quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz. Also a black stone is awesome for negative energy and general protection.

    When I started, I just grabbed what called to me and learned from there. But it sounds like you’ll want to get a crystal for each chakra, so you may want to work color oriented, or it may not matter. I personally do things by color a great deal of the time and how they make me feel… very obvious things like pink for heart/love/emotions, black for negative energy/protection, purple for psychic abilities and energy.

    You honestly have to work with what works for you and figure it out for yourself. Crystal vibrations match differently with everyone’s individual vibrations, and one crystal may vibe better with you than another (like onyx vs. black tourmaline).

    Hope this helped!

  2. I like to hold mine in spells or meditation to help concentrate and focus my intent or arrange them on my altar to give extra power to my spells. You can also sleep with them under your pillow, carry in pocket or purse, wear as jewelry…honestly crystals are the best for on the go quick magic. You should totally look into crystal grids!

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