Was it my Aura

Was it my Aura

I am undecided the place to put up this or if anybody hear believes in or has expertise with Auras… After I was in center college I used to be presupposed to be taking a nap in my grandmas home in the midst of the day. I used to be taking a look at my palms and I observed one thing odd about my shadow in opposition to the wall. Round my common shadow was one other one surrounding it nevertheless it was blue. It didn’t appear to be a shadow both however extra like what would occur if mild got here by means of a stained glass window. I used to be attempting to determine what the heck was occurring and I saved watching it and transferring my arms round. I believe I attempted lifting up objects and I held my cellphone up or one thing and whereas my arm nonetheless had the blue round it my cellphone simply had a daily shadow. I additionally seemed across the room to see if something could possibly be creating blue mild or reflection and will see nothing. What do you consider this? My solely rationalization is that I noticed my aura however I have no idea for positive.

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  1. I don’t think that was your aura. It usually presents itself directly around the body. You may be able to see it in mirrors but, that usually takes quite a bit of focus and even then its only a faint image. It is interesting though.

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