What are your favourite issues about witchcraft?

What are your favourite issues about witchcraft?

Hey guys, I am in a little bit of a religious low, so I would like some inspiration and motivation to do some magic, and get again into it. I might prefer to know a few of your favourite issues about witchcraft, greatest experiences, spells which have labored, and why you’re a witch! Thanks all!

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  1. When people used to ask why I preferred witchcraft to any sort of religious affiliation I would tell them that the woods give me a feeling of awe that no church ever has. Witchcraft is a way of making my body and soul feel at peace. Being in tune with the world makes me feel so alive.

    Hopefully this helps!

  2. Being in tune with the seasons and the wheel of the year helps me notice the many beautiful little parts of nature that most overlook. Feeling connected to nature and understanding our place within it gives me a sense of calm and happiness.

  3. I like witchcraft/paganism because it brings the focus of the spiritual microcosm into my home, my family, my self rather than a weekly group or a special caste of priests.

    Sustaining practices such as gardening/homesteading helps bring my closer to the Earth and to what I view as the divine.

  4. My favorite thing is how different it is from what most people do. There are people who legitimately don’t believe that humans can create change using magick, and that’s the coolest thing to me.
    Otherwise, just the fact that there’s magick in everything, even in the plants and the trees. I always take a moment to observe the small things- stuff like baby ducklings or the way two people on the street kiss. There’s magick all around us, and I think it’s beautiful.
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  5. That moment after you’ve raised energy for your work, when everything has gone just as you want it, and it fills you. Like a river of possibility running through you, old and powerful. Knowing you can take that ancent river and wield it to be cruel or kind.
    Knowing that its the same way your forbearers felt when they raised energy, an unbroken link through the centuries.
    And how sometimes it feels like an old beloved sweater, sitting in the back of the closet, just waiting for you to pick it up again.

  6. well, i’ve recently – a few months ago? – just discovered magick (at least the real life kind) and it automatically clicked. i felt this connection that i’ve never felt before and it was just the best feeling in the world. ever since i was a kid, i’ve always loved nature and animals & had a particular respect for mother nature and what she has to offer us.

    [this post about a calling i had](https://www.reddit.com/r/witchcraft/comments/6w4ycv/a_story_during_the_eclipse_is_this_a_sign_that_i/) might cheer you up? it definitely does for me when i read it over. have a good day love!! <333

  7. We know life mysteries that nobody else knows. We ourselves are practically mythical creatures. We are wise, ever growing individuals. Nobody else will experience the things we do.

    I like to think that anybody can be a witch, BUT not everybody is necessarily meant to or called to be a witch. YOU have been called to be a witch, and that in itself is powerful.

    It’s okay to have spiritual lows, we all do sometimes! A way I personally get out of my lows is I’ll maybe find a new witchy book, make something for my altar, or just generally do something that gets me excited about being a witch!

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever known another way to practice my faith. I grew up instinctively casting spells and making charms, that it made perfect sense when I found others do the same.

    It’s hard to describe, but ritual allows me to exist on multiple planes. I enjoy the sense of potential my being creates, I enjoy giving praise to the unseen that delights in me.. Instead of being a victim of the human condition, it fills me with a sense of completion. A kind of connection with the world that allows me to be soft and kind, but strong.

    Sometimes I get this immense feeling of radiating joy– the kind of happiness that delights both the material and immaterial. I suppose those who practice any faith can report similar experiences…but I enjoy having the intimate one-on-one connection organized religion can’t provide.

  9. I’m just getting into witchcraft…I’m not sure I’ve really officially done a spell yet….I’m not even sure if what I believe about it is common belief for witches…

    What drew me to witchcraft is that everything has symbolism and energy. Things don’t have power unless you give it power. It’s unique to you. Theres not a perfect box you have to be put into (I come from a Christian background that I felt shame for questioning things and thinking outside the box). I LOVE the idea of a BoS and I’m really enjoying exploring not only my spirituality with that, but my artistic creativity as well.

    I hope you are inspired on your unique spiritual journey <3

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