What determines the power of a spell?

What determines the power of a spell?

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What, in your opinion, makes a spell stronger or extra highly effective than others? Once you’re in dire want of one thing with additional kick to it, how do you go about acquiring that? Is it the elements/instruments you utilize? Is it the effort and time and power concerned? Is it the complexity? Or is it that the price for the spell will merely be better? (E.g. greater choices wanted, extra fatigue after, and so forth).

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  1. I think it’s the intent and the will behind the spell. In a sense then you of the spell. How much do you want whatever you’re doing the spell for. I think that gives the spell it’s strength.

  2. Your intention: How simply and clearly you understand it.

    Emotions: Spells with a lot of emotion behind them tend to work out “better” than those backed by an ambivalent approach. Rousing emotions is, in my opinion, where the role of herbs, oils, crystals, et cetera come in most of all; they play a role in helping us to focus our intention, but in my view their primary role is in putting us in that state of mind that allows for magic to happen. Working magic in a room lit by candle light, scented with incense, under a full moon is going to *feel* more powerful than doing it quietly on the bus using emojis on tumblr.

    Follow-Through: Spells work better if they are followed/accompanied by real-world work that helps their energy permeate our daily lives. Magic left behind in ritual has trouble touching your life outside of ritual.

  3. I’m not hugely experienced, but I’ve seen a lot of support for the idea that the strength of your intent helps determine the strength of the spell. However, I’ve also heard that ground cayenne can really give a spell some kick! I’d recommend doing whatever feels the most powerful to you. Experiment!

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