What do you do while you really feel in a non secular block?

What do you do while you really feel in a non secular block?

I have not been feeling related to my altar as a lot as I often do, I’ve missed Moon phases, and the Moon is a very powerful side of my observe. However I do not do it on goal, it is nearly as if one thing is obstructing my non secular reference to the universe… I have been in a really down temper, I do not know what is going on on.

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  1. Read more. In my experience, reading really opens me up. Tell a librarian (or a trusted bibliophile friend) what your favorite books are, and have them recommend one based on those. Nothing opens the third eye like a good read!

  2. I’d try taking a break from reality and into nature. Go camping for the weekend or go on a long nature walk. Try to reconnect with the earth, that’s what I do when I feel disconnected.

  3. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best, and I might be wrong, but it seems to me like you’re in a bad place personally and getting thrown off by that. Try practicing some self-care. If you’ve been overworked, try to see if you can have a day off. Go to a spa, spend your day baking, go out into the sun, play that video game you haven’t had time for… Of course, you know yourself and what works for you best.

    You are the anchor for that connection you’re missing. If you’re in a bad spot, it’s very likely your connection will be too.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that… Aside from something that needs to be treated like clinical depression, I’d say don’t force your moon connection if you’re feeling blocked off. Have you tried doing something completely different or out of character to see if it opens things up? Maybe try taking a long drive somewhere you haven’t been before, and just stop somewhere random that sparks you.

  5. Sometimes when I feel blocked, there is some shadow work that needs addressing. I avoid dealing with and engaging in repressed parts of myself and inevitably my magick will being these to the surface. If I can’t confront them, I find that I just don’t “feel” like doing the work anymore. After, I have processed the repressed pieces, I find that I easily return to the work. Recently, I was reading about shadow work exercises in Integral Life Practice and they have been really helpful.

  6. Try grounding yourself a little more. What I do when I’m feeling a block is spend more time with my familiar, let go of trying to connect and just relax. I am going for a walk today to help. And I just let it come to me. If I forget about it for a moment, it comes back. This is important for self growth and recharging. There are some points where my soul energy is too much for my physical body as I grow and try to pull more.

  7. Might sound weird but, have a conversation with the moon. Nothing super long, just a hello/how are you? type thing. When I’ve felt a disconnect from my altar or a deity I do a conversation visit. You know, shoot the breeze a bit and say sorry for the lapse in visiting or such.
    After that, just go about your day…may be take a nap or something you normally do to recharge.

  8. It would depend.
    Sometimes I may change up my altar, sometimes change is helpful. I also practice self-care, especially if I am feeling not so well in other aspects of my life. I may cleanse myself if I think something is futzing with me.

    Sometimes though, I believe in a spiritual ‘off season’, kind of an idea that sometimes you and the universe don’t meld. During those times I just work on other aspects of my craft, more writing and less ritual or spell work.

  9. KiehlBlvck, you sound like you need to recharge. Take some down time. Don’t worry about what you’ve NOT been doing with your craft and focus on what you HAVE. Don’t pressure yourself into thinking you HAVE to do anything. That’s like an artist getting blocked because they have a deadline. Your creative and spiritual mind will freeze if you put unnecessary pressure to perform. Let it flow, as they say. It’s not gone anywhere, it’s just taking a break from a hiatus. You could go into the forest and ground for as long as possible. Take a treasure with you to leave behind as a sort of “offering” to the area you ground on. I like to use a great big old tree to ground during times like this. If you ever need help or advice feel free to message me anytime. I’m a helper. That’s what I do!

  10. Usually for me, when I feel that block, it’s because I haven’t been taking care of myself. Too much sleep/too little, eating bad, not leaving the house, etc. The best way I’ve found to reconnect is to just spend some time focusing on yourself and it will come back naturally after you’ve mentally and physically recovered

  11. I’m sorry to hear that:( I’ve been going through a bit of that myself. Maybe try some tea or meditations to help you open your third eye to be more receptive to the spiritual plane? If that’s your sort of thing. Hope it passes soon!

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