what do you set in an altar?

what do you set in an altar?

hiya im at the moment attempting to make my altar however i dont know the place to begin or what does it must have, any ideas?

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  1. By altar, what do you mean? Are you interested in building a God or a Spirit altar? Are you just trying to build a craft sort of altar for workings?

    It will depend either way. Gods and Spirits have Their own likes and dislikes and it’d be best to get everything okay’ed with Them first before you leave it alone.

    But a working altar is subjective to what you personally craft well with. It’d be more convenient if you had supplies you commonly use on hand and ready for quicker spellcraft.

  2. Really, if you wanted to you could have one candle on a raised table and call it an altar. Or you could have statues, wands, tarot cards, etc. You could even skip the altar altogether. There’s no one way to make it. Just make it how you want.

  3. Candles, because I find them soothing. However, for me, the most important thing is a notebook — my grimoire. I can write down my thoughts so I can keep track of the things that I find that I believe in or want to incorporate into my path (I’m an eclectic witch). I also find doodling symbols by candlelight to be pretty meditative.

    I’ve found some Wiccan altar pieces that I really like, but I haven’t decided whether or not to buy them yet, since I’m not Wiccan. So I’ll be doing research into their meaning to figure out if they’ll be a part of my path or not!

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