What does the pentagram imply to you?

What does the pentagram imply to you?

I do know not everybody that practices witchcraft is Wiccan, and vice versa, and the pentagram, amongst different issues, is a really distinct image of Wicca, so what does it imply to you as a witchcraft practitioner? No matter your beliefs may be?

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  1. The pentagram is the shape of a human but also it is how we represent the stars. To me it means “As above, so below” and represents the fundemental connection every human being has with magic.

  2. Pentagram and pentacle are different things.

    So if you mean the star itself then to me it represents the level of initiation a Wiccan has received, or a pretty symbol for the night sky doodles I do at work.

    If you mean a star with a circle surrounding it, then that to me is protection and balance of the 5 elements of the universe.

  3. To me it’s a celebratory person with arms outstretched.

    One way it’s a female with legs open, the other way it’s a penetrative male.

    It’s also the five elements. It’s a deep symbol.

  4. I don’t really use pentagram too much because I’m not Wiccan. I have one on my working altarcloth not to be confused with my beautiful festive ones) but that’s the only one. I use it as a representation of the five elements.

  5. To me it represents the five elements and the spirit of divinity as the sixth, and the circle connecting each in an infinite loop.

    Edit: Misread it as pentacle, not pentagram

  6. I don’t use it but as far as I am aware, it represents the four classical element plus spirit. It does not serve a purpose in my workings, so it is just a symbol to me, though I recognize its importance to other witches.

  7. To me it means spirit given form and thus, by knowing it’s components, is able to give form to other things as the five points point infinitely outward from a five sided center.

    To me it’s protective because it’s a perfect eternal expression and because of this lower beings and energies cannot comprehend it therefore will avoid it.

  8. For me, it’s the balance of the elements, everything being in order and harmony. I have so much chaos in my life that focusing on the balance in the universe helps center my thoughts.

  9. Like most occult symbols, it has various meanings that depend on the context in which it’s used.

    But the “default” meaning, for most people, would be the five elements and/or the Qabbalistic formula of יהשוה.

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