6 thoughts on “What I am charging this moon”

  1. I’m in Adelaide (South Australia) and apparently we are in the perfect spot to view the lunar eclipse tonight, which is rare for my sleepy, boring little city. It’s supposed to be a blood moon too.

    We have had extremely hot weather and clear skies every night for the past few weeks. Of course, today it is cooler and overcast and it looks like it will be that way for the next few days. We will be extremely lucky to even get a glimpse of the moon tonight.

    This is typical for Adelaide. The moment something slightly exciting is about to happen, the weather will ruin it.

  2. I’m sorry if this is a really dumb question–I’m only a baby witchling. I have read about cleansing/charging crystals with moonlight, but I didn’t know it was useful for other things! What kinds of implements benefit from moonlight?

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