What sort of magick paths can I take?

What sort of magick paths can I take?

I do know there are various totally different paths witch can take when working with the craft, however I am having some bother with deciding which path feels proper. Ice tried wicca teachings and skim a number of books (most up-to-date being The Nocturnal Witch) and I dont know which sorts of witchcraft there’s to attempt. Once I tried wicca one thing simply did not really feel proper, however I nonetheless wish to study with magick and the mystic arts. Can anybody assist?

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  1. Understand that Wicca is a religious path and witchcraft is a craft or arte. Witchcraft is a pratice that can be applied along with religion or completely without it. You don’t have to follow a specific religion or Pagan path to practice witchcraft. There are many different traditions of witchcraft from Cornish, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and hoodoo to many other folk magic traditions throughout a plethora of cultures.

  2. There should be no reason why you can’t take the best of all paths. Connect with speaks to you the most. i believe all paths are the same but are interpreted differently through our cultures.

    To each their own.

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