What to do in the course of the Blue Moon? 🌚

What to do in the course of the Blue Moon? 🌚

I am curious what everybody’s doing for the upcoming supermoon. I’ve heard it is a good time to cleanse objects, however what else can I benefit from?

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  1. Full moons in general are good for intense, one-off spells. Waning moons are for spells that slowly dwindle something, waxing moons are for gradual growth and improvements, but a full moon is just good for a Big something, bane or boon.

    Blood moons are good for fertility, life and death rituals: this is just intuitive because like goes with like in magic, and so if the moon looks like blood, it is blood.

    This is also a blue moon however, which is just a calendar misalignment, but one people hold as significant and make oaths around (once in a blue moon, I do X etc) making it a moon auspicious for any spell that disrupts human orders and societies’ patterns.

    Tonight is also the state of the union address in the US.

    Long story short, I am doing a curse πŸ˜‰

  2. I just moved to a new home, so I’ll definitely finish tidying it up, throwing away what I don’t need, drawing on my walls, and creating positive energy for me and my house. It’s an energy of creativity, fertility, abundance. Whatever you desire, go for it, now is the time for creating new life.

  3. I always do my personal rituals at the Full Moon. I’m also participating in a group ritual tonight and an Imbolc gathering tomorrow. I’d say it is a pretty intense blue Moon for me.

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