What was your first spell?

What was your first spell?

I’ve been exploring analysis into the occult/Wicca/witchcraft for the handed a number of months and have begun getting ready myself for my first spell. What was yours and did you discover outcomes? Do you may have any suggestions for good grimoires which have labored for you prior to now?

Thanks to your time!

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  1. Do sigils count? I’ve started drawing sigils on my arms. Calming sigils for anxiety and sigils for motivation and energy help me the most. I use a sharpie that I keep at my altar and pour intent into every line. I don’t know if that’s how other people use sigils, but it’s what works for me.

  2. I was 12 or 13. I made my mom a “love potion”. I didn’t find it on the internet I just made it up. She actually thought it was cute and drank some of it. I literally went into the pantry and just mixed bunch of things together sweets graham crackers ice-cream some other repulsive stuff that didn’t go but that I knew she liked. The intent was there and she ended up dating the man who is now my stepdad. My mom still laughs about it to this day. If you’re looking for a step by step spell search for one that resonates with your intent. Intent is the most important part in any sort of casting.

  3. I had screwed around a lot when I was younger with spells from the Internet, all verbal and none really worked at all, so I prayed/wished for some kind of help I did this for a few days then I guess a few weeks later I woke up with sleep paralysis to a large dark figure standing over me. I knew it was connected at the time because it’s the only thing I could really think about in the moment. I felt some kind of connection with the figure and over the following days I could begin to see my aura and that of those around me. I had control over mine and could make it stretch between my hands and move it out a bit.

    The figure has always stayed with me and offered me advice as I move forward in this craft. It may sound like it has bad intentions but it has always protected me and shown me new spells and acted through me.

    More of a story than just my first spell but I hope it gives you an understanding about just how vast and non binary this world is that you are moving forward into.

  4. I made a rune to keep my rent check from clearing before my roommate gave me all of his half of the rent. It seemed to work because I didn’t get a late fee from my bank 😑

    Although, I think I read on here or maybe from a link from one of the occult subreddits that runes only mess with the probability of an action. I don’t know if you would count that as a spell.

  5. I made a crude sigil with the intent of meeting an alien intelligence. The same day a friend who as far as I knew was a run of the mill meditation practitioner offered to introduce me to the “woo-woo” she said I got there but wasn’t quite ready.

  6. Manifesting spell to pass my dissertation. Worked. Have used the same spell multiple times since and it always works. Basically just burning paper with what I want on it with a candle

  7. First spell was a snowday spell with my two friends (now Coven). Though it was powerful and worked three times, it wasn’t taken very seriously by the three of us.

    My first serious spell was right after that. I formed a coven with those two friends and captured a demon who has been tormenting one of the members and myself for a good year. It only recently started stalking me (late October, the snowday and the capture spell was in mid February)
    We successfully captured the demon. Our other friend, who can see spirits, said one demon (who we haven’t taken care of yet) was there and a new one showed up who hasn’t bothered us since.

    We were supposed to bury the vessel we captured the demon in but it was February, the ground was too frozen. We left it under the snow in the woods and when we come back when the ground is softer the vessel is gone. Nobody could sense it’s energy, the vessel just disappeared. It was deep in the woods, so nobody could’ve taken it.

    We later learned it was taken by one of the demons that was watching the ritual. Punishing the captured demon for being weak.

    Fun stuff πŸ™‚

  8. I believe my first was enchanting a necklace for protection (which I wear it to this day) and it started working the moment I finished it! I live in a very dangerous neighborhood, and I don’t want to just rely on luck, you know?

    It’s a very simple one, great for starters, but it’s really powerful once your intents are clear πŸ™‚

    As far as grimoires, I make my own, writing down spells I find everywhere, and seem to work. I would reccomend the same, since some of the books you find in stores make spells like “eye of a frog” with unreal effects just to sell, you know?

    And welcome to our community πŸ˜€

  9. I count prayers as spells as you are sending your words and energy out to affect your life. As a kid this worked me a lot. Later I got more adapt at more complex spells.

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