What’s a ‘Psychic Assault?’

What’s a ‘Psychic Assault?’

I’ve heard the time period ‘psychic assault’ or ‘attacking along with your third eye’ a number of occasions, the primary time when someone accused me of it.

I’ve no clue what that is. What’s it and the way is it performed?

Aspect observe, is it regular, or thought of synchronization, while you find out about a phrase or see one thing after which it begins to pop up in your life an increasing number of? This has been taking place since I used to be 11 and I by no means actually linked the truth that it might be related to one thing like synchronizing till not too long ago.

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  1. It’s called the Baader Meinhof pheonenom

    It’s totally normal.

    Otherwise known as frequency illusion or recency illusion. This phenomenon occurs when the thing you’ve just noticed, experienced or been told about suddenly crops up constantly. It gives you the feeling that out of nowhere, pretty much everyone and their cousin are talking about the subject — or that it is swiftly surrounding you. And you’re not crazy; you are totally seeing it more. But the thing is, of course, that’s because you’re noticing it more

  2. Psychic attacks are usually intentional energetic attacks towards a target individual, with the goal of causing negative effects upon them. This is usually fear, panic, anxiety, depression, and a feeling of general discomfort or other subtle body effects. Be careful not to associate these emotions with normal environmental triggers or your own internal emotions about a situation or person.

    These can also be done unintentionally, usually by people who are mentally unwell themselves (ever felt just drained from talking to someone who just has everything wrong with their life?) Their lingering negative influence can rub off on you.

    Some people will accuse you of psychic attacks, but that doesn’t mean that you are really doing it.

  3. Psychic attacks are, the majority of the time, misattribution errors wrapped up in confirmation bias. They are most often reported by those who are just beginning to learn magic. The easy assumption is that, having stepped into a magical world view, the new witch has simply become aware of things which were always going on, or that they are somehow inviting attacks. The correct answer is not either of those, but rather that, having become aware of the possibility of such things, they are now convincing themselves that they are experiencing them.

    None of this is to say that they aren’t real or don’t happen, but as in most things the mundane answer is normally going to be the correct answer.

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