What’s ‘drawing down the moon’ ?

What’s ‘drawing down the moon’ ?

I’ve heard a bit about it however completely different sources say various things. One time me and my pal did a ritual to simply ask the moon for its energy and safety and it was exhilarating. We bought very heat in our circle within the chilly of February, the the moon bought extraordinarily shiny and it was total a really good expertise. I may really feel a barrier of white gentle round me for weeks, which ultimately light. Is factor something near what drawing down the moon is?

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  1. It’s a similar idea.

    Drawing down the moon/sun is a meditative practice that involves aspecting or channeling the energy of or the entity of God/dess. In my tradition it’s used to invite messages from Deity and for extreme need for healing or protection

  2. I need to reconnect and start over from there. Very first time I tried it, ages ago during a full moon. At one point I felt a jolt of energy shoot through me just like when Id touched an electric fence. Only it didnt hurt.

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