What’s one thing that makes you actually really feel like a witch?

What’s one thing that makes you actually really feel like a witch?

I believe all of us expertise occasions after we really feel weak or misplaced in our craft. I am in a type of locations, and it bought me considering, what’s one thing that all the time makes you’re feeling witchy?

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  1. Cleansing my home is the most mundane way yet also satisfying and definitely empowering especially with a chant like “Around, around, all about, good remain, evil stay out!” Second to that would be spending time in nature and meditating/connecting, even during a short walk.

    I like music too. Faun, Florence and the Machine…

  2. Certain movies or shows that I really click with. AHS: Coven, Skeleton Key, as examples.

    But otherwise, just *do something*. Meditate, work a spell for yourself or someone you’re close to, help them out. Even simple things like cleansing your home is a good thing to do.

  3. There are lots of things that make me feel like a witch.

    I can recognize other intuitives and witches. All of the time


    My cat.

    I put my altar in my bedroom.

    When I practice yoga and meditation.

    Cleansing spells. And psychic readings for my friends. Generally helping them out.

  4. I hope we get a lot of replies in this thread, because right now, mine is seasonal — whenever I feel that first cool autumn wind, it’s like the gods are reaching out to me and reminding me of who I am.

    Difficulty modifier: I live in Florida.

    So you see why I am going to be watching here…!

  5. Weather, seasons, th cycles of the moon, and the effect they have on me spiritually/magically. Any time it rains I get a little boost.

    Music and intuition seeing as they’re the easiest magic inducing tools I have at my disposal.

    All of the crazy events and people that seem to follow me and pop out of the woodwork when I’m around.

    Looking at the sky.

    Talking to other people about politics/spirituality and religion. Especially seeing as my craft has colored the way I view the world in ways others likely won’t grasp without certian magical understandings.

    Going to temples/churches and other holy sites.

    My nocturnal lifestyle.

    My interest in astrology (not really witchy but I still feel magically empowered whilst browsing/studying).

    The way my friends all think I’m slightly nuts.

  6. I’m a college witch. So seeing all my makeahift witchcraft stuff makes me laugh and feel like a witch. The fact I’m a witch and nobody could take a look in my dorm and figure it out. All my stuff in recycled pickle jars and snapple bottles and the clutter of my witchcraft notebooks and my school notebooks in one stack.

  7. Being in tune with weather and the seasons as well as the phases of the moon and nature as a whole.

    Rain, thunder and lightening call me to harness their power, take it into my soul and strengthen my resolve. The empowerment can be overwhelming and beautiful.

    Walking through a park, going off trail and finding a quiet place to just plop down and meditate.

    Going to the zoo early on a weekday and just sitting quietly watching the eagles.

  8. When I’m working, making something for my altar or supplies for spell work, walking labyrinths, chanting, casting, communing, sometimes there’s this shiver of psychic awareness that goes up my spine from my feet to my brain.The way people who do yoga talk about the kundalini? I think it must be a bit like that? It’s like something goes CLICK and my whole body is hooked into something, some big energy. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that I just start to dance. It’s like the spirit fills up and the body can’t help but move in the dance. Then. That’s when I feel most alive and that’s when I know I am Witch.

    It’s not a question of religion really. I’ve been that way all my life. I have this very strong connection to Spirit and in particular to the feminine side of it and there are times when I feel a strong presence of Her, almost feel overshadowed by Her. I’ve trained in several traditions of Witchcraft but that didn’t make me a Witch. It just gave me tools and traditions to work from. I firmly believe I was born one because long before I ever set foot in formal circle I was called to Her. I felt that connection and I knew that word fit. I claimed it when I was very young for myself. Long before I knew about Wicca or any other form of Witchcraft. It was not a popular thing or an accepted thing back then but I didn’t care. I just knew it was right for me and I couldn’t not say it.

    There are a lot of things in my life that I’m not confident of sometimes but actually my Craft is by far the most stable thing in my life. I have no doubts there whatsoever. I just can’t. She claimed me way, way too early and way too strongly for that. My Craft it sustains me when I am weak or lost, but in it I am found.

  9. When I have those moments of being lost, I do a prayer to my altar that has my deity statues on it and thing go downstairs to make an offering at my house offering. A little ice cream and anime time (I like witchcraft works) doesn’t hurt the path of recharging my batteries both magically and otherwise.

  10. Perfume oils. It just brightens my entire day. With a few dabs of scent, I can be transported anywhere: to the beach, the forest, a fruit garden, a library, etc.

  11. Going for a walk in nature, especially a new place that I instantly feel connected to and feel compelled to explore 🙂 There are some really nice waterfalls near where I live. I want to go more often!

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