What’s the strongest spell you could have ever completed and why do you suppose it labored so effectively?

What’s the strongest spell you could have ever completed and why do you suppose it labored so effectively?

I’m new to witchcraft and and it feels overwhelming. Im hoping I can get some inspiration from you all!

6 thoughts on “What’s the strongest spell you could have ever completed and why do you suppose it labored so effectively?”

  1. I kept it simple. I did a spell before my driving test to remain calm when driving instead of worrying about passing. I thanked the elements and faced their direction, it involved a ton of meditating but I felt SO good. When I took the test I was the calmest I have ever been in my life and it wasn’t just from meditating. I am glad I started small because it helped me a lot but who knows how much of it was simply me focusing on a state of zen. I feel like with witchcraft it’s hard to ‘prove’ that it worked, you just get this gut feeling and many of us embrace that. Trust your instincts!

  2. The first successful spell I remember doing was when I was 16. I found a divination spell on the internet. I thought it was cheesy and would never work – and I have ironically since then realized that when I discount an activity, it means I feel no threat and thus perform the ritual in a relaxed manner. The spell ended up working perfectly. I wanted to find out what my crush thought of me. The ritual is to fold a piece of paper into 4 squares. On the front, draw an eye, and then write his name inside. Then chant a very easy rhyme of 2 stanzas, and tuck the paper under your pillow. That night, I dreamt that he thought I liked someone else and was confused and disappointed. In real life, this was exactly the case XD Glad I was able to clear that up!

  3. I once was in a theatre group and a girl I didn’t like started showing up (and tried messing around with the guy I had a crush on…) so I cast a spell, not specifically on her, but on “anyone trying to harm me or the group in any way”… made like a binding which would stop anyone meaning “harm” to even enter the place where we used to rehearse.

    After this.. she never showed again.
    Even though she had been proposed a role.

  4. I did a pretty heavy binding spell a few years back on someone who had been quite bad to me for a very long time. I mean, it was a borderline curse.

    It was actually the first spell I ever did. I had stopped communication with this person just a few months prior, so I knew there was little way to know if it would have any effect, but I wanted to do it anyway because 1) it would serve as a form of closure and 2) I knew he was treating other people badly, including his SO, who I had also stopped contact with, and I wanted it to come back to him.

    A few months ago I found out that things had really gone south for him because of his behavior.

    Perhaps it would’ve happened anyway. I mean, if an asshole is enough of an asshole, it usually comes back to bite them in the…asshole. But he had been getting away with this shit for so long, and then suddenly in a short time frame it really caught up to him.

    I think, if it did work, it had a lot to do with the amount of energy and emotion I put into it. I felt it in my bones and it was unlike anything I’ve felt in a long time.

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