What’s Your “Path”?

What’s Your “Path”?

Since it is a pretty open and eclectic group of witches, I believed it would be attention-grabbing to see what “type” of witchy beliefs, beliefs and behaviors all of us personally ascribe to? In addition to, everybody loves speaking about themselves.

So, are you a secular witch? Reclaiming? Alexandrian? BTW? Discordian? Or a hodgepodge of all the things? Do you favor large, ostentatious rituals, or small superstitious acts? Do you want candles, stones, herbs, or one thing else?

Let’s all share and have some enjoyable!

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  1. Ha ha, I don’t even really know. I can describe my path, but I choose not to name it because I can be a little fickle. I suppose you could consider me “eclectic” in that case.

    Religiously, I’m a Buddhist (Tibetan Tradition). I’ve been studying/practicing Buddhism for about 15 years now (yikes!).

    As we all know, though, spirituality is a little more … nuanced than religion, so my spirituality overflows the cup of Buddhism and splashes around on all kinds of things and Witchcraft is one of those things.

    When it comes to my Witchcraft, I keep things pretty simple and minimal. My Witchcraft is really big on aesthetic and atmosphere and mood. I find that if I can get myself into the right mindset (a kind of “trance state” maybe) then magic happens. So, to that end, I tend to put my time and energy into those elements.

    I feel most “witchy” when I am surrounded by anything and everything that I associate with spring, dawn, and the air element. I like air that moves, so I have fans going in my home at all times of the year (I actually find I feel anxious when I’m in a place with no air flow). I like flowers (I have *a lot* of synthetic flowers), bright lights (I intend to invest in a light therapy lamp this winter which puts out about 5000 lumens), pastel colors, the color gold, et cetera. I like rabbits, songbirds, bees, and foxes (did you know that the “Easter Bunny” possibly may have originally been an “Easter Fox”?)

    If you’re completely crazy and you want to know more, I tried to bore everyone over at /r/paganism about my path. [Here is the thread which contains more details and correspondences.](https://www.reddit.com/r/paganism/comments/70w0qk/exploring_themes_of_a_path/)

  2. Hey there! I’m secular, and I consider myself a celestial witch. I felt extremely called to work with the cosmos, so I work with planets, constellations, and other cosmic bodies and beauties.

    My focus however is death witchcraft so I spend most of my time focused with Pluto in this concentration.

  3. I have always been drawn to traditional witchcraft/folk traditions, and the faery faith traditions of Britain, Scotland and Ireland in particular. I’d probably like to identify with the faery doctors and cunning folk you hear about, but my own practice is pretty low key and private, and is heavily animistic.

    I mostly try to honor the spirits around me and maintain an active connection with them. I will also do trance work (much more than actual spells). I’m intrigued by herbalism, and hoping that will become a larger part of what I do as well as I learn more.

  4. I don’t really know what to label myself as but I think Green witch comes closest to what I am,I do really love crystals too tho. I don’t really believe in gods,my view is just that I can get energy out of what nature has to offer so if anything I just get my powers from Mother Nature. I haven’t done many rituals yet but the ones I did were just me alone in my room with a small altar,I found that it was perfect for me so I think this is what most of my rituals will be like.^^

  5. I am eclectic, as I have an interest in and have read about multiple magical practices from Alchemy to Kemetic practices. A little bit of everything I would say, although I do consider myself a Discordian, so Chaos magic is also a focus of my studies. I feel like even though I have been seriously practicing and studying magic for 4+ years now (aside from my natural curiosity and connection about the subject over the years ect.), I still feel “new” at times, and I know I still have much, much more to learn. So my knowledge is still growing, and will keep continuing to grow.

    I love candle magic, as it is simple and can usually get me into a meditative state quickly. I am also a HUGE collector of stone and minerals, and I love to collect them, feel them and study the different metaphysical uses and effects of stones, and use them when I can. I’ve always been more of a fan of folk magic/low magic, “quick and dirty” kind of witchcraft, but ceremonial magic and more intricate rituals are also appealing, although I do not have any experience, except for my studies on it.

  6. I consider myself a “weather witch”. This is teofold, an it works in two ways. The first is where I do spells to influence the weather, though I don’t when there’s major weather events like hurricanes happening, such as in recent days. But this also means that I do spells when the weather is right to do them, so long as that weather pattern isn’t influenced by me. For example, a spell to heal someone might best be done on a sunny day, or a good luck charm is best done when a rainbow can be seen, etc. It’s eclectic, I guess, and it’s entirely on my own design. I also do some spirit work. In that vein, does anyone know of any pretty weather-based tarot decks? I love tarot, but I’ve never found a deck that matches my practices.

  7. I’m basically a hedge witch, and have been for a long time, but I specialize in good luck charms. In hindsight from the time I was 5 or 6, I would make “luck spells” and food out of backyard weeds…but I actually knew what I was doing and didn’t poison myself (although every adult around me flipped the hell out about it). I only really started to try more logical practices when I was a teen in the 90s, but still fall back into what I am used to most of the time because it’s easier for me to control. I am trying to branch out.

    Edit: I’m the person you want by your side in case of a zombie apocalypse because I can cure your poison ivy and open sores with weeds, even if you have no superstitions. And we’ll eat pretty well.

  8. I like to work mainly with forest beings (mainly plants, but also animals, spirits, etc.), I am from the *Umbanda* religion, so I also worship orishas in my practice (mainly Ossayin, Oxossi and Iroko), and I work with deceased spirits of indigenous people, called *caboclos*.

  9. Hi there! I’m secular and work more in energy than anything else. I use music and movement as my medium, sometimes using hand drawn sigils for more permanent protections and encouragements, for lack of a better word. My heritage is Jewish, German, and French, so I find that the music of these cultures is more powerful, specifically when I sing in Hebrew. I tend to channel energies through my physical body to relocate them or draw them in.

    My witchcraft story goes something like this:
    When I was still living with my parents as a kid/teen, I was very religiously Christian. I was a leader in our youth program and, while I was worshipping through song with my eyes closed, I was holding another girl’s hand and blessing her. She got my attention and, with eyes wide with wonder, told me that I was glowing. At the time I thought I was being “touched by God”. Now that I’m out of that belief system (that was forced on me), I realize that it was the beginning of my energy powers manifesting. Through college I studied, researched, and practiced. After some trauma, I was drawn to New Orleans and now practice here openly. I have never felt so awake spiritually as I do here, and all without a set religion.

  10. I’m a Christian Witch. Really my craft just adds up praying with props, but it helps me to feel closer to God.
    I’m probably a bit deviant from the tradition term Christian in that I believe God is he/she/both/neither and therefor takes on all roles in my practice.

  11. I really like traditional witchcraft. Im always reading about different paths, but Im a new student. Dont know yet which to follow but my beliefs and practices are related to simple cerimonial acts. Also, I like to try developing my mental skills, intuition and stuff with some exercises.
    Im into herbs, candles (fire) and love banishment rituals.

  12. I have operated within numerous faiths in the past but now, I am having to focus entirely on my Ancestral faith and the Ifa system of Orisa worship.

    I also work with Spirits. Mostly Those in my court vs Spirits I seek out. Serving One is hard enough. But Kardecist style Spiritism appeals to me with the use of liturgical prayers as a connector to my religious heritage.

    My witchcraft practice is separate. I practice the magical components of other faiths I’ve been involved in and it has impacted my craft style. So has my Christian background.

  13. i just see myself as a “green witch.” i work with mother nature, what she has to offer, and the universal energy that’s around us.

    also, i’m a buddhist! well, i’m still doing research about it. but i follow the philosophies and such.

  14. I am more eclectic. Currently drawn to a more Celtic/Gaelic pantheon and path. I work mainly with nature….especially rocks, trees, frogs, eagles and hawks. I have studied a wide variety of spiritual paths and my own is definitely a mash up of all of them.

    I love candle magick and use many stones in my Reiki practice. Most of my workings, honouring of Sabbats, etc are low key and only involve myself and occasionally my dog. She does not stay within a circle so any time I have to call a circle, I work alone.

    I also love divination, especially tarot and am learning palmistry too. I am hoping to learn runes as well.

  15. Even in terms of witchcraft am fairly unorthodox. Ha. My philosophy is all over the place and I’m not sure what I’d categorize myself as but I follow a variety of different goddess and gods and deities from various religions and parts of the world.
    I’m into other aspects of witchery as well but at the moment I’m mostly focused on building an apothecary so I can make remedies, teas, tinctures, beauty products, and so on. I’ll probably also make some poison, you know, because I can so why not.
    I guess I’m beginning to become a little bit of a kitchen witch. Although I also like making other things like witchy home decor, talismans, art, jewelery, clothes, scented oils and other witch paraphernalia. Making things in general is my thing.

  16. I’m a traditional witch, drawing from the body of folklore and historical witchcraft, estatic and trance driven, land-based animism, and that of the respect of indwelling powers in the sky and earth and those dead/land wights that make up the world.

    I enter trance, to fly free from the confines of flesh to the witches sabbath, to meet the devil and good folk. I do spells of bones and herb, of blood and cum, dirt and stone. I hex and heal, against the oppresser and oppressed. I fight, worshiping the iron as I push my body to limits to strengthen.

  17. My path is shamanic. I am an oneiromancer, a sea witch, animal communicator, journeyer, deathwalker and lightworker. I have recently entered into recovery from a severe illness that almost killed me physically, spiritually and mentally and I am coming into my full power and entering the next phase of my life, transforming from maiden to mother. I expect this transformation to take around four years, I’ve seen this timeline in visions. My spirit animals are the humpback whale, the red belly black snake. I have recently been given messages from the diamond python, a blue bird that takes many different forms in dreams and in this realm who I think is the trickster, and a rabbit who I know is my child consciousness. My mother’s people are Aboriginal and my father’s are Norwegian, my shamanic aspect is the storyteller and I have aspects of the warrior and the Volva in my practice and personality.

    I am not a shaman or cleverman. I would never purport to be. I have not studied for 40years and learned from another clever man or woman. But my ways are shamanic, my dreaming is the whale, my place and time is the everywhen, I walk the lower realms, this realm and the spirt realms, sometimes all at once. I can identify and traverse the thin places in this realm and facilitate others to experience this, I can see with spirit eyes.

    My path, I have been told three times, is to heal myself and in doing so I will heal my ancestors. My path is to help and heal others but this can only be fully realised when I heal myself. My path is my own.

  18. I consider myself a naturalist witch. I don’t believe in the supernatural but I practice this earth-based craft and that helps me psychologically. It’s an elaborate form of psychodrama, I guess. I’m also an atheist, which is funny because I have a religious streak in my personality and a yearning for ritual. I find so much beauty and wonder in the world that I feel I have to make meaning out of it, to work with it, to craft out of it. For me the gods are archetypes that I am inspired by and can embody in certain ways. Rituals and spells are powerful tools for accessing and aiding the subconscious parts of myself that need it. A beautiful stone is like a cathedral in my pocket. Etc.

  19. Christopagan who focuses on green and kitchen witchery. For me, it’s just an extension of my prayer, obedience, and worship to God. I don’t focus on any other deities personally, as I fear that I would lose my primary focus on God, but I acknowledge that others can and do.
    As for the green/kitchen, I’m using what God gave us to better my life and the life of my family and friends. Cooking is theraputic for me; I cook/clean when I’m stressed or depressed, so I gravitated to the kitchen. Whatever I make, I usually give to a neighbor or family member because making someone else smile is just a wonderful feeling when you’re in a low. Mixing my love of cooking and craft was natural imo.
    If we’re called by God to help the helpless and heal the hurts, then it would be criminal of me to not use what I have to do my part in the grand plan.

  20. well i’m fairly new to this, but my path is not very winding.

    i’m agnostic, and have always loved space, and started to get into celestial magic, magic with the stars and the moon, lunar cycles, ect.

    i have my own spells deriving from certain stars, constelastions and star dates

    i also delve a bit into green magic with my herb and flower garden, and mainly use those for grounding

    and tea magic, different blends help me feel different moods

    i usually feel a connection to animals, so alot of my magic is altered so that it is safe for my pets to be around, and i avoid using insence for the same reason

    nature and nightime are very prominent in my spells and sigils.

    so yeah, i hope that wasn’t too boring

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