What’s your story of “Oh wow, that labored so effectively/quick/precisely that even I am a bit of freaked out?”

What’s your story of “Oh wow, that labored so effectively/quick/precisely that even I am a bit of freaked out?”

This occurred yesterday, and requires some again story.

My hobbies/line of labor places me in touch with a ton of highschool children. I find yourself near fairly just a few of those guys, they usually all know they will inform me something/name me for something, so I find yourself because the non-licensed “Therapist” for an terrible lot of them.

One in every of my present “Youngsters”, let’s name her Sara, is a whip-smart, very proficient senior, who sadly has some psychological well being points (a number of diagnoses) and a barely screwy house life (although I’ll give her mother and father/stepparents credit score for getting her precise, high quality skilled assist. That is far more than I can say about a few of my different children.) Just lately, up to now few months, she’s began appearing actually recklessly as a means of self-medicating, and in the previous couple of weeks she’s began opening as much as me about what she’s doing and what is going on on in her head. I completely do not like her habits, and she or he is aware of this, however there’s solely a lot I can do on this scenario. It sucks.

Anyway, she came visiting for just a few hours the opposite evening simply to speak. But once more we hashed over why she should not be hooking up with random strangers from Tindr for intercourse and medicines. But once more she mainly stated she knew the dangers, and that yeah, it wasn’t good for her and she or he was doing it for awful causes, however she was being cautious (insert eye roll.)

She’s conscious of my non secular practices and is usually type of fascinated with them, finally the dialog turned to different issues, and for some motive I am unable to keep in mind I ended up getting my pendulum off my altar to point out her the way it labored. She decides to run it via a ton of questions in regards to the plan she has for later within the evening. By the tip of the questioning, the pendulum had mainly stated “Sure, going to the subsequent city over for that hookup you are pondering of is a nasty concept. No you shouldn’t do it. Sure one thing dangerous will occur if you happen to go, you are going to get pregnant.” She questions me on how correct this pendulum is. I inform her I have never had this one very lengthy (few months) however I might belief if if I used to be her. She finally ends up leaving (to go HOME, I assumed,) at about 10pm.

Quick ahead to 1am. I get a telephone name from Sara. She had determined that since she’d gotten a ‘warning’ from the pendulum that hey, she’d simply be further cautious and head out on that hookup anyway. Drawback is, her and the hookup bought excessive. Actually, actually excessive. Excessive sufficient to overlook issues. Just like the condom. She’d by no means forgotten beforehand, however tonight she did. And he or she does not find the money for for Plan B and she or he’s freaking out.

I ended up telling her to come back again to my place, and loaned her $50 to cowl the fee. I have never talked to her since apart from ensuring she bought and took the Plan B, however now we have a standing “date” to speak arising this week, and boy howdy are we going to have a speak about this episode, as a result of if this could’t get her to sensible up, I do not know what the heck will.

And yeah- the pendulum works GREAT.

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  1. I did a spell to find my soulmate. Within a week he was living with me.

    Unfortunately I didn’t specify I was looking for a human. I am now the proud owner of a cute kitty cat.

  2. I made a prosperity/abundance bottle/change jar a couple weeks ago based on a suggestion in a YouTube videos about “quick” spells, things you could do on the fly and without much fuss. The idea is that every time you throw your spare change in there, you’re infusing the spell with more energy, and then when you spend any money from the jar, you are releasing some of that intent to work it’s magic. So I made the bottle, threw my loose change in there, and for the heck of it, put the cash I’d set aside for date day with my husband in as well.

    When date day rolled around, I pulled out the cash and we went on our way. We had a great day out, and on the way home, I got the idea to stop at the new-ish bee store in town (bee keeping supplies, honey, etc). We hadn’t been in yet, and I didn’t really have a need to go, but I just thought it was a good idea to stop in on the way home. Turns out to be a charming little shop that carries all sorts of bee-related stuff – frames, honey, beeswax, empty jars, etc. I was especially interested in that last because they’re priced really well and they’re the perfect size for storing my herbs, infused oils, etc. But I’d already spent what I’d budgeted for the day, so we just window shopped. We were about to leave when a woman came in with a big paper bag and went to the counter to talk to the cashier. Apparently she’d been saving and washing the jars from the honey she’d been buying from them, and was returning them because she thought they could repurpose them. They thanked her but said they couldn’t use them, but they were happy to recycle them for her so she wouldn’t have to lug them back home. I plucked up the nerve to speak up (not something I’m great at) and said that if no one really wanted them, I would be happy to take them. They were both very happy to let me have them, and I went home with $15 worth of beautiful jars that I didn’t have to spend a penny on. I had zero doubt that my spell was responsible for setting all of that in motion!

  3. My first actual spell was a job spell. Sort of. I just visualized my ideal job and asked the universe to bring it to me. Put a coin that is special to me under the candle, added a little chunk of Rhodonite I got recently, and went on my way. While visualizing, I kept remembering how happy I was when I was interning at a local magazine. Even though I tried just thinking about general job happiness, I kept coming back to the magazine.

    I felt it was kind of a lazy spell, but also me throwing my intent into the world cause whoa was I desperate at the time for something to bring me happiness. My job was destroying my mental health.

    Twenty minutes after stepping away from my altar, I got an email from my former supervisor at the magazine. It was relaunching and she wanted me to be the beauty editor, at the head of a whole department with a slew of new responsibilities that made me giddy to think about. I accepted, of course, and haven’t looked back since.

  4. My proudest magical moment- I made a 1 year 1 day protection charm for my stepfathers truck.

    It got broken into 1 year 2 days later.

    He’s an atheist, was humoring my teen witch self. It still trips him up a decade later XD

  5. A close friend was going through a terrible break up and had become suicidal. I cast a healing spell and the next day she was like a different person; optimistic and full of energy, ready to move on. It was wonderful.

  6. Mine isnt as cool as yours but a few months ago, I made a spell bottle for people to stop commenting about how magic isn’t real and acting all r/iamverysmart on my online profiles. It worked almost instantly, and after a while I needed the bottle for a samhain spell- immediately the phobic comments started up again. It was insane.

  7. A year ago I did a spell on the new moon to find a perfect job for where I’m at in life. I had one in mind but wanted to be open to what the ‘verse had in store instead of trying to force a fit.

    By the full moon I had an offer for my current job and by the last day of the lunar cycle I accepted my new job.

    Essentially, I got the job even though I didn’t have the educational experience necessary to get it and I’ve learned quickly and have altered my career paths and educational plans to accommodate.

    Honestly never though I’d be a data scientist or a statistician, but here we are.

    *edit* it was a candle spell. Candle spells and tarot are my go tos.

  8. When I was in 10th grade my best friend and I were getting food after school at a subway. While I was in line, several guys from the baseball team ganged up around her and started taunting her about her breasts (girl’s had boobs since 4th grade), which culminated in one of them, let’s call him Adrian, pretending to slip and spilling his drink down her top. Now I was pretty pissed off when my friend came crying to me soaked in Coke telling me what had happened. We researched the perfect revenge spell to use, and using a beanie baby to represent Adrian, we cast a circle and then stuck hot needles in the batting arm while chanting some voodoo rhyme. We buried the beanie baby at a crossroads. The next day, Adrian wasn’t in my first period class. I asked his friend where he was, and she told me he had broken his arm in an ATV accident and would be out of baseball the entire season. Coincidence? I think not. Anyways it really freaked my friend and I out, but it is the only case of using witchcraft where I had such immediate results. While I don’t regret using a curse, I have been wary of using that kind of magic since then.

  9. moving wind still freaks me out, still get “giddy” about be able to though.

    Don’t limit yourself.

    YouTube same user name.
    Your belief matters not.
    sharing hoping to inspire more to not be limited by what others say is real.

  10. Got a love candle from Salem on the same day as the new moon. This was almost 7 years ago – so it could have been the new moon? Not sure. Either way, the candle came very very specific instructions on when to light it and it happened to be the exact day to do so. It had been months since I had been with anyone and the next day I hooked up with an old fling after accidently running into them at a bar. The day after a guy I was crazy about asked me on a date. We have been together ever since and got married this past October.

  11. My husband and I are poly. We dated a girl that we both really loved, and we thought she loved us both in return. She tried to convince him to run away with her and leave me with nothing and no one. We were both broken hearted, and he refused to leave my side, but still held out a small hope that she would see reason (we both realize now how dumb that was, but hey, love is blind). She wouldn’t give up, and she broke my heart and was in the process I’d breaking his. So I cast a “stay the fuck away from me with that hurtful shit” type of spell I cooked up just for her, the idea being banishment as long as she willingly made choices with the intentions to break us (this was after we had already nearly lost each other, which just about killed us). None of the ones I found really felt right, so I made my own. Within two days she was out of our lives for good. I felt bad at first, and my husband stung from her actions, but knew that meant she could never accept us together, and as time has gone on, we’ve realized how much things ended up for the best.

    All in all, make sure your spells are tailored correctly for the best chance of it working, and don’t be afraid to use the flames of your emotions to knock some umph into your spells

  12. I had been a little out if touch with my spirituality a while back. I felt like my friends and my boyfriend’s guides spoke to them so effortlessly, while I had to really meditate and work at it. I was feeling somewhat defeated, and stopped meditating when I came across a Pinterest pin. The pin was called the manifestation game. on a piece of paper you write out something along the lines of, “Universe, show me that we are connected through my power to create my own reality. I ask to manifest(insert whatever here).”
    Well I asked to manifest a feather. After two days I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a video of my favorite band’s lead singer with a huge beautiful feather sticking out of his hat. I almost dropped my phone I was so excited! They following day, there was a feather at my job. Im a chef so having a feather in a kitchen is VERY rare. …it never happens. This all happened in about… September,or November, and to this day I still find feathers here and there.

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