White sage ashes and statue?

White sage ashes and statue?

So I lately purchased sage (immediately) and I used to be questioning if the ashes are secure to make use of as a fertilizer for the culinary sage I am rising. Why culinary sage out of all sages? I am within the closet about my beliefs and stuff so culinary sage I heard is a witches go to particularly if in hiding. Additionally, I wish to get a Satanist statue however a disguised one, since my household is non secular and solely my older sister is aware of about me and my twins beliefs. I wish to make our shrine a bit nicer and extra concerned and devoted to Devil. But when not I’ll simply accept what I’ve now sadly.

3 thoughts on “White sage ashes and statue?”

  1. Is your family Catholic? If so, and you don’t mind seeing Satan defeated, try a St. Michael statue. They usually depict him throwing Satan out of Heaven, so they do depict Satan al be it in a less than flattering way.

  2. What about using something symbolic like a goat or something? I don’t know a whole lot about Satan but there has to be some image of him that is more subtle.

    Maybe even an angel since Lucifer was an angel so of course he’d look like one.

  3. Just be careful with culinary sage if you’re burning it. It’s somewhat different to white sage or mountain sage. It has been known to cause irritation to the throat and sinuses when burned.

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