Who am I? Assist

Who am I? Assist

Im undecided if I’ve potential as a witch though I’ve sturdy emotions inside. For instance I really feel a deep connection to nature and the paranormal however on the similar time I really feel like im one thing dangerous or evil. Each time somebody hurts me dangerous issues occur to them for instance somebody who groaped me was hit by a automotive years later and my abusive ex dropped out of highschool and received pregnant. I really feel like I’ve immense energy however im additionally afraid

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  1. I’m not a practicing witch but I’ve been interested in the entire concept for a few months…but these things hardly seem magickal:

    > someone who groaped me was hit by a car years later

    A random occurrence, plus it happened years later…very little chance you were actually involved from a rational standpoint – by your logic, 9/11 happened because I was cut off by a New Yorker in traffic 20 years in the future.

    > my abusive ex dropped out of highschool and got pregnant.

    This is also a very common occurrence.

    I think you simply want some form of control over your life due to your lack of identity, which is something I also went through. But try to remember that you’re human…just like me, and just like *billions* of other creatures on the planet at the exact same time, *all* desperate to find some kind of meaning to their lives.

    We’re all searching, but don’t be afraid of the search. Approach things with a rational and open mind, the grand scheme of things will never make complete sense but you’ll get better at dealing with things that are thrown your way.

    Based off your text’s tone and the topic, plus your perspective, you seem younger, high school age maybe. It’s totally normal to question yourself throughout life but especially in high school years…to me it felt like you’re supposed to have an idea of what you want to do, and while all your classmates are bragging about being accepted to some fancy-sounding program or whatever you’re stuck wondering what some of those majors even mean, so you feel inherently less successful before you ever consider yourself an adult. Edit: I’m saying this because this is exactly how I felt, and how I assume nearly every single person feels at such a relatively young age.

    Keep an open mind, but don’t make everything personal. I like the phrase “Live like a cell, think like the organism,” even if it’s not 100% applicable to everything haha. Your ‘powers’ are, IMO, the chaotic nature of our universe occasionally affecting some small part of your life. Be aware of those events, but don’t give too much weight to them unless you know you intentionally wanted that exact event to happen.


  2. The universe works indifferent to our desires a lot of the time, so the cause of those events were life choices, and unfortunate or may be karmic timing. Evil is relative in most cases, so unless you’re going out and intentionally making life hell for others, I wouldn’t say that’s what you are. If you feel the connection, roll with it and study and learn everything that path had to offer. Figure out who you are, great strength is knowing yourself and not being afraid of what you find.

  3. I doubt any of these occurances you mentioned happened because of you. In fact, I’m absolutely certain of that. One could say that it was karma at work, but there are to many theories about that, and i personally don’t submit to karma as punishment or reward. In order to cause a change in our universe in accordance with our will (what magic ultimately is) we have to channel and direct it in meaningful ways. And therefore, in order to be a witch, one must practice and learn witchcraft.

    So the potential for it rest merely with your capacity to seek out the knowledge and apply it appropriately. People often let fantastical thinking get in their way of really understanding these things, so be careful about that.

  4. As others’ve mentioned, it’s unlikely that you have some sort of innate, Omen-like powers which make those who treat you poorly suffer. After all, how many other people’ve been dicks to you in your life? Asshole teachers? Middle school bullies? Judgemental relatives? And they’re pretty much all fine, I’d imagine.

    One of the biggest things I recommend to people who’re considering witchcraft as a way of life is to realize that it isn’t like the movies. Nobody can make a person drop dead just from looking at them, nobody can suck out another person’s soul, and many witches never encounter any creepypasta-esque demons who pursue them for mysterious reasons.

    We all have power within us, but it doesn’t really manifest without active concentration and effort.

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