Why hasn’t my spell labored? (Dialogue)

Why hasn’t my spell labored? (Dialogue)

Howdy everybody! So as we speak I needed to know your ideas on spells that fail/do not work? Why do suppose some spells fail? I’ve seen a variety of causes however I used to be questioning what your ideas are? Thanks!

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  1. Spells are kind of like wishes or good luck charms. If I want a promotion in my job, cast a spell & then don’t actually work for that promotion then obviously my spell can’t do it’s thing

  2. Spells fail when you don’t follow through in more practical ways to achieve your desired result. You can’t cast a spell for a better job and complete ignore updating your resume, applying for a new job, and nailing interviews.

  3. I agree with the other answers but I also want to add that sometimes we don’t give them enough TIME to work. You don’t always see immediate results so we need to try to be patient too. Also make sure that the spell is very specific, or it may end up working but in a different area than where you were hoping. Hope this helps some!

  4. I’m not experienced, but I imagine spells more like life hacks and less like cure-all solutions. They still require work on your part after you cast them. For example, if you cast a spell for money but don’t do anything that might logically bring money to you (apply for a job, work for a promotion, buy a lottery ticket, etc.) you’re not really giving the spell a chance.

    A bit like code I guess. If the spell is the loop, you need to do something to get into the loop or it will never start up.

    Then again, I am very new to this XD this is just my theorizing, haha

  5. I think a lot of it has to do with what you’re asking for. A money spell for a million dollars is kind of ridiculous- no one NEEDS a million dollars, and and you’re basically casting a money spell for the sake of having that much money. It’s better to focus your intentions on specific things- like a job, or a promotion. If you want money for a specific thing, focus on that. Cast a spell to travel, and make sure you’re doing what’s necessary to fund the trip you want to take. Cast a spell to make sure you can always put food on the table, etc.

    Timing can also be an issue. Casting a love spell might not mean that you meet your soul mate next week, it might mean that when you are about to cross paths with them at some point in the future, that you do actually meet them/speak to them. If the spell didn’t work right away, that doesn’t mean it failed, it means that it wasn’t supposed to work yet.

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