Witch Actions

Witch Actions

Hey guys! Anybody have any enjoyable ceremonial ideaa for witches? Significantly a ceremony in selecting a reputation, or token animal spirit. I used to be considering making a crown or wand…another recommendations??

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  1. I just wanna say; There’s really no reason to pick a ~magical name~ to do your work under (Though if you desire you may choose it however you want), also you don’t choose your “token animal spirit”. A power animal or an animal familiar (which is often a spirit, not a physical animal) appears to you as *they* wish, not as *you* wish. There are a few guides scattered around the internet on how to meet a power animal, and you could ask on r/shamanism about this as well. I’m not particularly familiar with the whole power animal/spirit guide thing, however.

    Also, you might wanna ask yourself why you want a crown and a wand.

    And finally, I think it might help you to look into plant and tree associations and symbolism, if you decide to make your own tools, it can also help to know these associations to find a material best suited to your purpose.

    Hope this helps!

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