Witch Crafts?

Witch Crafts?

What are your favourite craft initiatives to do? What’s there goal? How do you do it? Let’s all share our crafts to assist our crafts!

3 thoughts on “Witch Crafts?”

  1. My wife and I do a lot of magickal crafts. We make clothes, pillows, furniture, jewelry, ritual tools, oils, soaps, candles, baths, wreaths, brooms, and many many more. A lot of the stuff we use is wildcrafted or grown but sometimes we re-purpose antiques. We do sometimes buy ingredients if they’re particularly difficult to acquire in our region. We take trips to wildcraft things we wouldn’t want from an industrial source (such as crystals or certain herbs).

    The purpose varies. Sometimes it’s as simple as “we need Solar Soap”, or a Purification Bath, or we want to honor one of our non-corporeal friends with a special candle. Other times it may be for a particular rite, or to teach someone else.

    We have dedicated spaces for woodworking, sewing, glass etching & grinding metal, but we do a lot of projects in the kitchen too (making up batches of herbal teas, candle & soap making, tinctures, balms, etc). If none of those spaces are appropriate we might shove all of the furniture up against the walls and break out a large folding table, or work on the floor.

    I don’t know if we have a favorite really; doing all of them is our favorite. We end up with products you can’t easily (or inexpensively) purchase, almost everything we have is customized to our own specifications, and it generates our lifestyle (have to have a fire with the family because I need the charcoal for the incense, or the ashes for the lye, have to take a trip to mine a certain kind of crystal, have to go on a hike to get certain herbs, etc.).

  2. I made a wand a few months back. I craft all the time, and often make “witchy” crafts, but crafting something with a specific purpose that I can use everyday was pretty magical!

  3. I have made some bead strings with crystals to hang in my witchy room. I also made a wreath to hang in the room too, with various (artificial) greenery and a meaningful medallion.

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