Witchcraft for Social Justice?

Witchcraft for Social Justice?

Trolls/those that hate social justice, please do not reply.

Witchcraft, typically, has the subtext of “solely do issues that may make the world a greater place” however most spells/correspondences/and so forth relate to both serving to oneself in the actual world or spiritually.

I assume from my view of the craft, the “legal guidelines of equal trade” form of apply in which you could solely obtain what you will have the power for and large-scale social change could be nearly incomprehensible to the purpose the place there would not be sufficient power, nor would a single witch or small coven have the ability to deal with all the world and all of it is issues directly.

So how can we do it? I assume I assume small steps at a time, however even then?

Additionally, my dad and mom are very conservative and I’m very keen about social points, and infrequently they do or suppose issues which can be so disturbingly racist/homophobic/nationalistic/ignorant that I need to do one thing to assist them “get up.” Does that have an effect on free will, or am I in my moral rights to attempt to give folks alternatives to be higher or extra conscious of issues on this nation (America, clearly) utilizing magick?

Have you ever carried out spellwork for social change, and if that’s the case, how, and what had been the consequences?

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  1. Don’t do “wake up” spells! You don’t know why your parents think like they think and you could invoke unwished forces.

    You have to change yourself before the world will change. Be the best person you can be and other people will follow your example. Trust me.

  2. Social activism is a large part of the craft for Dianic Wiccans and Reclaiming witches, and I have known a number of both. The Gaia hypothesis is really important in Reclaiming, so a lot of their work is focused on protection and healing of the planet Earth. But it’s not just environmentalism, they are also focused on social justice issues. Dianics are traditionally associated with feminism, but the ones I know were active in social justice issues (and yes, they were also feminists).

    For these witches, working for social change isn’t just something that’s in the magical realm… Yes, they perform spells and rituals, but they also participate in boots-on-the-ground activism. Sometimes that’s protest, sometimes that’s less obvious, like helping the really impoverished Native American reservations. However, I have participated in some rituals targeted at social change. Now, I don’t know if these were effective. It seems like our environment and society is generally getting worse, so… Meh. Maybe their goals were too lofty, maybe the ritual made things crappy at a slower rate, maybe we would’ve had 8 years of George H.W. Bush instead of 4… It’s hard to tell. Anyways, these women tend to be very into white magic, and not comfortable with grey, so their spells weren’t focused on individuals.

    That said, I don’t have a problem with people using magic for social change. I also don’t have a problem with targeting magic at specific people. Now, I do think you should be careful with how you design the spell. I think it is entirely possible to do social justice spell without impacting their free will.

    You mentioned that you think Fox News is coloring their viewpoints. Perhaps you could do a banishing spell to cleanse the negative influence of biased media and propaganda from their vision. I wouldn’t make it specific to Fox News (you wouldn’t want to make them read Breitbart instead), just biased media in general. If you think about it, you aren’t even trying to influence their will, you are trying to cleanse them of the spell cast on your parents by media and culture.

    Another route could be a spell to increase their empathy and improve their communication with people of different races (or nationalities, or genders, or sexual orientation). Again, this is leading a horse to water (not casting a spell to make it drink).

    But even if your spell is successful, they may not be willing to admit that their view has changed. You may never hear them say they’ve changed their mind. I think that’s something you just have to find peace with.

  3. Witchcraft is inherently political. It always has been, it shall be.

    I myself am a progressive, an anarcho-communist, eco-activist, and inclusive feminism, and these go hand-in hand with my craft, which is a wild animistic form of witchcraft, some diabolical imagery (Civilization vs wilderness, normal vs other, here vs there) as well.

    That said, is in some forms of the craft a “make the world a better place” subtext. It is the “refuge of the oppressed” subtext that appeals to mine.

    Now that said, I have no qualms about free will or cursing personally. Ethics are personal and subjective. My work is mostly involved with the undermining of authority and facists.

    For example; cursed a local facist and terrorized the man with signs of witching. A painted haxen star on his door and a poppet resembling him. Can’t speak on the results (secrets must stay secret), but it worked.

    I’d recommend you check out gods and radicals. It’s a website of activism and paganism.

  4. If you’re implying using magic to change the way someone feels or thinks…don’t. Manipulating someone else’s mind with magic is one of the most heinous and repugnant things you could possibly do.

  5. >Trolls/those who hate social justice please don’t respond.

    You already messed up. This isn’t tumblr. People here will respond regardless if you make a disclaimer. Don’t post if you aren’t willing to hear other opinions.

    Secondly, we have a rule against politics. This kind of post isn’t appropriate.

  6. Magic can’t change a person’s mind unless they subconsciously want it on some level. If your parents really hold these deep-set beliefs, it’d be more efficient to talk to them about it than to try and cast a spell.

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