Witchy podcasts?

Witchy podcasts?

I already take heed to and luxuriate in:
New World Witchery
The Fats Feminist Witch
Down on the Crossroads

I favor secular or eclectically pagan reveals fairly than Wiccan. I’ve tried Hippie Witch however simply could not get into it.

Anybody have any suggestions?

9 thoughts on “Witchy podcasts?”

  1. Welp, came here to suggest New World Witchery, and you already got it.

    Lore and the Mythology Podcast (regrettably no longer active) have some good stories. History of Alchemy Podcast is also a fun one. Of course, none of these are not directly witchy.

  2. The Priestess, The Witch, and the Cauldron is a great one that covers a variety of witchy topics. Bespoken Bones is another good one that focuses on ancestor work and reclaiming/healing sexuality.

  3. I was gonna recommend The Fat Feminist Witch.

    Desperate House Witches is pretty damned good, I love how they get very passionate about current events. The Wigglian Way can be nice, too, if you’re looking for something that’s very laid back, but Wiccan-oriented.

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