Working with pagan deities and Catholic ones?

Working with pagan deities and Catholic ones?

I have been watching a number of Hoodoo movies and studying about Hoodoo and I observed one thing I felt a bit odd. I assumed that practitioners would work with Lwa however some virtually completely labored with Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost/Saints.
The considered working with saints and Jesus has been in my thoughts for some time however I by no means actually acted upon it. I am additionally conscious of a department of pagans who work with Jesus as properly however I am unable to consider the title.

I simply really feel like possibly pagan spirits might be indignant I labored with Jesus and vise versa.

Any expertise with this? Suggestions?

Additionally, if anyone has any good sources to be taught a few of the fundamentals about Hoodoo and Rootwork and “spells” (do not know if that is the right phrase) from them, that’d be cool.

Thanks 🙂

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  1. It’s very hard to divorce Hoodoo from Christianity. In fact, some would say impossible. There are two different kinds of Hoodoo, one that is distinctly Protestant, and one that is rather Catholic, and I prefer the catholic one bc I grew up Protestant. Hoodoo is an amalgamation of both ‘high’ and ‘low’ magicks, so you will have Seals and planetary sigils, while using sympathetic magick.

    What I found out, going into Paganism from Christianity, is that these are your own hangups. So, even in Spiritism, Jesus is seen to be the guardian and protector of all the incarnated souls of Earth, by ending a prayer with ‘In Jesus Name’ you’re invoking the highest Spirit associated with this planet.

    If you worship a God or Goddess that would be upset with you for practicing even the slightest form of Christianity, maybe Hoodoo isn’t the magical system for you, or, that God or Goddess isn’t for you.

  2. I’m an initiate of a South American syncretic religion which is based around a Goddess figure but which uses much of Catholicism – including crossing myself “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost” as part of its practices. At one level it makes no sense, but it works, and that’s what matters to me.

  3. Yeshua is almost Universally liked amongst the pantheons, His Father no, but Yeshua himself everyone likes. The holy spirit however is the angels and most pantheons I’ve worked with are cautious about the Angels but are willing to try to work with them. There will probably be some deities/spirits who just outright refuse to work with them due to past issues, but always ask, If you feel like they are saying No to working with angels then don’t but that should be rare.

  4. (witch/initiate in multiple religions)

    Okay, there’s the thing. Hoodoo began with black, Protestant Christians. Most of them were Baptist. Working with Saints is something only a small handful of Hoodoo practitioners do because most of them are Protestant. The ones who do work with Saints are typically Catholic or practice a “folk” form of Christianity. Most Vodouisants are actually good Catholics who would be very offended if you said they loved God or Jesus any less because they interact with the Lwa (who they see as the angels of God). I’ve only seen or heard of a small handful who aren’t Catholic.

    Hoodoo, Conjure, and Rootwork are living things, in of themselves. You can’t really “learn them” per se. They’re experiences and ways of growing up, not just a bunch of techniques. They’re cultures in of themselves and the only way you can “learn” them is by being apart of them. There are magical and spiritual qualities you can draw inspiration from but living them is a whole new ballgame. In addition, most people who practice Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork are black. And some aspects of their practice is derived from folk magic their ancestors brought over from wherever they came from. Many of them have voiced skepticism over a person of non-African descent learning a reconstructed and changed form of folk magic that they created to escape the eyes of harsh slave-owners (in the case of Hoodoo, at least)

    I’m Pagan and I work with Saints as part of my religious heritage. I was baptized and confirmed in the Church. Christianity was a big part of who I was and who I continue to be so I work with Saints. But I do so in a “folk” kind of perspective.

    If you want to talk about Saints and working with Them, PM me. Too much information to post here.

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