Writing a brief movie hoping to ask you witchcrafters just a few questions

Writing a brief movie hoping to ask you witchcrafters just a few questions

My quick movie is relating to crossroad demons.
I’ve learn a number of methods on-line on tips on how to summon one at a crossroads?
Is the deal trade often a persons’ soul or in trade for an harmless life, or one thing else?
Is there a option to forestall or delay the time that demons and or hell hounds come to get you as soon as your deal is up?

8 thoughts on “Writing a brief movie hoping to ask you witchcrafters just a few questions”

  1. If I may, this conception sounds like something straight out of the series Supernatural.

    Not every witch does spirit work and even if they do, not every spirit-worker works with demons and, from my understanding, this idea of crossroads summonings to sell your soul to a demon for something in exchange is a rip off the famous story of Blues’ player Robert Leroy Johnson who is rumored to have done the same thing.

    However, many people have suggested he may not have been talking to a demon or dealing with a Spirit at all. There are many interpretations of what happened.

    I don’t work with demons but my experience with other Spirits tells me some of what you say has some truth to it. Going to the favored place of your Spirits and singing songs, chants, or prayers is going to place you closer to Their current.

    And Spirits operate kind of like people, to some degree. You can’t get expect to get something for nothing. Spirits want payment for what They do for you. Payment is something you need to negotiate with the Spirit. It depends on what They want.

  2. I don’t think the websites you were looking at were valid. You cannot “sell your soul” to any being. I don’t even think satanists believe in selling your soul to anyone.

    There are witches who work with demons, but that certainly doesn’t apply to all of us who practice witchcraft.

    I think everyone would agree that witchcraft doesn’t stem from making deals, but from practice. Even those who work with demons need to practice forming a bond to get a good result.

    I think you should change the premise of your short film to make it a tad more accurate if you’re going with real live witches. If you’re looking for a Hollywood interpretation of witches then I would suggest other sources.

  3. You have a skewed idea of what witchcraft is. My personal definition, one that I find many witches agree with, is “a category of phenomena consisting of real trends and events with mysterious origins (magick), and the practice of attempting to bring about such phenomena (witchcraft).” You can see, with a definition as broad as this, that witches may all believe different things about different entities. We do. But, as something generally in common, you’d be hard pressed to find a witch who actually believes that:

    1. You can sell your soul.
    2. You would ever *need* to sell your soul to save someone else’s.
    3. Hell hounds will come after you (and presumably kill you) whenever the demon is ready to collect.

    If a witch works with demons, she’s probably not contacting them at a crossroads. An example of a more convenient way is through a scrying mirror – which is a mirror painted black on the back of the glass instead of silver, or simply a black bowl of water – in a ritual which can be done at her own altar. And, if a witch works with demons, she is going to make sure she’s safe the whole time (so no hell hounds), and her motivation probably has *much* lower stakes than someone’s soul.

  4. The only thing I have ever read about cross roads are to bury Magickal items near them to finish up a spell or to disperse energy in the item.

    I don’t think most witches summon demons… no legit ones anyways…

    I personally don’t believe in them. It’s just something people blame negative energy on because they cannot figure out it’s origins.

    Also, ever notice how only those who believe in demons become “possessed” (religious fanatics) Well, that’s because it’s BS 😀

  5. There isn’t really a concept of “selling your soul” that’s more of a fictional thing, and more of a Christian folkloric concept I believe (“selling ones soul to the devil”). That is not to say you can’t use it in your story, but you might have better luck asking a Catholic or someone who practices Christian folk traditions.

    However, there is the concept of an Oath, which can be similar in the sense that breaking an oath can have negative consequences. Offending or breaking one’s oath with a spirit or deity can be described as a form of self cursing. Committing a serious crime or offense can bring about bad karma, embodied by spirits of vengeance or justice, such as the Furies/Erinyes in Greek lore.

    A hellhound, such as Cerberus, is more a guardian figure, and is more associated with the dead, underworld, and guarding of the crossroads, rather than demons. The crossroads are a place where the veil between the spirit and material world is thin, such as the state between waking and dreaming, or places of transition such as between the world of the living and the dead. Another term for this is the “hedge” marking a border or transition between the mundane and spirit or non mundane world.

    One figure you might want to go look into is the goddess Hecate, who is associated with both the crossroads, hounds, and witchcraft.

  6. Bruh, don’t try to make it realistic. Most witches never work with demons, “selling your soul” is a concept very few people believe in, and the idea of killing another person to summon the forces of hell is the kind of thing that very ill serial killers believe in.

    Basically, this sounds like something from an old school horror movie, so just make it however you want to make it!

  7. I think you need to be looking at the ADR religions, things like voodoo, candomble, palo etc. to get a good feel for spirit interactions at crossroads and graveyards. Even there, though, ‘selling your soul’ as such isn’t how it works, though if you get it wrong it may not be much better.

  8. Sounds like something more from supernatural.

    The reality of the crossroads dealing is pagan, not abrahamic, in its origin.

    Hecate was a goddess of witchcraft and night who presided over crossroads in greco-roman mythos. Likewise, Odin and Mercury/Hermes were honored on crossroads.

    All of these are gods of magick, curiously enough. The text for this reads;

    “There was also a man called Mercury, he was very crafty and deceitful in deed and trickeries, though his speech was fully plausible. The heathens made him a renowned god for themselves; at crossroads they offered sacrifices to him frequently and they often erringly brought praise-offerings to hilltops, all through the devil’s teaching. This false god was honored among the heathens in that day, and he is also called by the name Odin in the Danish manner.”

    Likewise, these figures are associated with serpents and wolves, and have a mercurial (air) nature about, that later became associated with the Folk-Devil (not to confused with the Abrahmic Satan)and Man in Black at the Crossroads.

    Likewise, Britian is full of such folk figures that follow similar natures, like Herne the Hunter, The king of fairies, The Puck, Pucca, Bucca (Bucca-Dhu or Bucca the Black), Wotin (a corruption of Odin), among others.

    All these figures can also be approuched in a similar manner and share natures with Mercury and Odin, often as a psychopompic (like the Wild Hunt) and initator (Mercury was a god of magic, and Odin found the runes that represent reality itself), that later became these king of fairies and folk devil we see in folklore and some genuine historical practices.

    Now, why the crossroads? They are liminal, as in a place “neither here nor there”, “betwixt and between”. This “being of both” and Betweeness is a place of power.

    That being said, my own practice centers on the Devil and crossroads at times.

    Again I must be clear, my devil is not Lucifer or Satan from Christian mythos, although he can assume those masks. Rather he is the spirit behind these various myths and legends, as indwelling animistic spirit of winds and world, who was taken from the pagans by the Church and called the Devil, which the witch took from them when their old gods names and divinities were forgotten.

    My god is the spirit of “Other”, wildness, and all storms and breezes. I call him the mighty Black Goat Puck, the Bucca-Dhu, Bucca-Gwidda, and the Bucca-Gam. His eyes are the eyes of all beasts, and he is the greatest shapeshifter and turnskin known. He cannot be defined, for the moment you feel you have won his name, he will trick you again. That’s just his nature, and he cannot deny whatever he is. He gives us all breath (our literal winds are given), and he shall take it in the end.

    To call upon him, it isn’t hard. He may arise in a manifestation, whether by waking consciousness or dream; as man in black with one eye, the black goat, the cat, the hound, the bull, toad, or stag. Sometimes he appears between man and animal, or neither.

    I called upon him by reading the lords prayer backwards at the crossroads, with an incantation. I then walked to a church to walk widdershins around it three times and then said to the the key hold of the doors about resending my baptism, and blew into it. Breath is key.

    That night he appeared in the state half-between sleep and waking, as a tall black figure with a warm breeze, and the smell of earth.

    I met him again, many times. At the sabbath via the Flying Salve as Goat and fairy king, and then as a Dragon. I met him as the disembodied face with antlers, and other times as the red-headed God Odin, and the wolf-headed hunter of the Hob-hosts who steals souls for corpse hall.

    Demons are but an Abrahamic concept. Most of us are not those.

    Hellhounds are forms that those holy souls that join him become, the Gabriel Hounds or Whist Hounds of folklore, whose baying and barking bely their vampiric natures.

    These forces are ammoral. Deals are made only in spirit pact, and it never involves souls, nor do they come for you. These deals are not for material gains in my praxis, but sight of otherworld and powers.

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