Xpost /r/wicca: Getting again into the follow.

Xpost /r/wicca: Getting again into the follow.

So, a brief background to begin with.

I did quit the follow at across the age of fifteen as a result of I would had a sleepover and whereas half the women (together with myself) wished to sleep, the opposite half was nonetheless awake. I despatched them into my walk-in closet so they might nonetheless discuss and we may sleep. They found my e book of shadows and my ritual provides and teased me endlessly about it. I had by no means been ashamed of Wicca till that second and I hate that I allow them to make me really feel that approach for one thing that’s nonetheless extremely essential to me.

I am twenty-eight now and whereas I’ve saved my religion within the follow I have not finished a lot to really do it, however I’ve lastly made the choice to take action as my spouse has been extraordinarily supportive as I’ve opened up extra about my non secular beliefs, and he or she even needs me to introduce her to the follow!

My roommate additionally has the identical sort of background as I do, and we have talked about getting again right into a routine. All three of us have pure items. Iam an intuitive and have proven psychic and telepathic tendencies that rely closely on my emotional state. I can not management the latter two. My spouse is an empath and whereas she tends to soak up the feelings from different folks she additionally had the power to emit feelings onto different folks, she has no management over both of those. My roommate can also be an intuitive and had an uncanny reference to animals, particularly owls. I’ve witnessed her name them solely to have 15+ present up in our yard.

My query is, what variations are their between solo rituals and rituals involving two extra folks? Is that this thought of a coven? Are there steps (aside from cleaning our house I and going into every part with good intentions) we have to do to make sure that any rituals or spells we full collectively preserve our circle pure? And can the truth that all of us have some form of pure capacity add to the power of our rituals and spells?

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  1. >My wife is an empath and while she tends to absorb the emotions from other people she also had the ability to emit emotions onto other people, she has no control over either of these.

    She should probably work on shielding for her own safety. Empaths that can’t shield are extremely susceptible to negative energy (amongst other things) and often suffer for it. I happen to be somewhat skilled in this area being an empath myself, so if you need advice, swing your questions my way.

    >My question is, what differences are their between solo rituals and rituals involving two more people?

    When you do a solo ritual/spell your only concern is yourself and whatever enviromental factors you can use/should be aware of in your spellwork.

    Group rituals are a bit more complicated, because you need food chemistry/energitic synergy for it to work right. It’s a bit like being in a band, which is also why so many covens fall apart. Since being together with other spiritualists amplifys your abilities and makes it easier to enter into gnosis/perform more powerful spells, it also comes with the downside of such acitivities becoming more fast paced. The more spiritualists in one area, the more synchronicities tend to happen, in addition to you becoming a larger/more noticeable target for external forces.

    The problem with covens is you’ve got to be careful who you let in. This is especially true amongst LHPers due to their destructive/chaotic nature (not saying that’s a bad thing but it is something to keep apriased of). If one apple goes bad it tends to lead to the whole bunch becoming rotten since you’re energetically linked/in the same area. Power can lead to corruption and instability, *especially* amongst higher tier spiritualists who often struggle to stay grounded on a normal basis. Not saying that will happen to you guys (you’re pretty tight nit from the way you describe it) but I’ve seen enough groups go sour for this to be a considerable risk. Think Nancy from the movie the Craft.

    >Is this considered a coven?

    Yup. A small one but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The more people there are the harder it is to maintain the above mentioned synery and keep an eye on everyone’s wellbeing.

    >And will the fact that we all have some sort of natural ability add to the strength of our rituals and spells?

    Definitely. Even two powerful/seek-powerful spiritualists in the same area is enough to cause all sorts of reality bending shenanigans to happen. The more spiritualists you get into one area, the more “loose” reality becomes.

    >Are there steps (other than cleansing our space I and going into everything with good intentions) we need to do to ensure that any rituals or spells we complete together keep our circle pure?

    Dunno. Never been in a coven before. I’d advise at least a modicum of protection/protective barriers though. You never know who might come snooping.

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